Friday, October 14, 2016

Is it a wrap??

The back door.
There are literally no straight on shots of the back door. Hum. Apparently we concentrated on the interior. Yeah, it's true but this is an excerpt from a prior photo giving you an idea on how the blinds in the back door were.

They were metal, undersized and clanked every time you opened and closed the door if they were down.

Today this is how they look. I bought some cellular shades the proper size to cover the whole window for privacy AND put the bottom mounts in as well. NO clanking!!


The rest of today was painting, waiting for paint to dry and painting again.

The payoff is huge!! Doors on all the closets!!




It seems weird to have closet doors now. I put in some door guides to keep them from swinging in and out.

I've even cleaned all my mess up too. One more coat in my "boo-boo" I did in the coral room and were all good! Yay. Productive few days here.

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