Saturday, December 5, 2015

Surf competition at a water park - who knew?

It was a very fun and interesting day for sure!

It was a LONG fun day. We started at 9:30 am and went to the water park. We settled in a spot and went on the lazy river while waiting for the kiddos to start their competition. We watched kids surf, we rode a tube ride, we floated, we watched, repeat. It wrapped up at 5pm. Wow long day for kiddos and parents alike!! Long fun day in the sun!!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Busy day take three

Too many pictures!!!

More from the day:
Carabao in the gift shop. There is a scavenger hunt to photograph all of them in the island. There have to be 100s!

Random shots from the road

Biggest K-Mart in the world.

Pretty art work from Tropical Living store. Cost? $400. Yikes. I did fall in love with a carving of two octopi and a fish. It would have to be carried home. Not sure I'm willing to do that!!

Next stop Cross Country Meet!

More random shots in the road

And we're not done yet! We headed to a Church Program (Relief Society) and finished the day with cookies, carols and crafts ;)

Busy day take two

After lunch we drive to Two Lovers Point (

Random sink whole that makes you question how solid the ground is!

Busy busy day!

First stop T Stell Newman visitors center which is a part if the War of the Pacific National Perks (

It's a very nice small museum.

Next up Asan beach overlook

Way in the distance is where we dove.

Right about where you see what looks like a sandy white outcropping. Sort of right of center.

Random building along the drive

These high rises are an abandoned project that has been like this for TEN years. Yikes.

The Main hospital where Damian works moonlighting.

More random shots of the "tourist" area.

Our lunch destination (

I had the Ranchero Burger with an egg in it. Interesting. It had a spicy sauce on it. Yum!