Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Island Tour

Tropical climate. Looking out the window to palm trees blowing in the breeze. :)

Selfie in front of the house looking towards the harbor. Too bad I washed out the background.

First stop Gab Gab beach

Second stop Spanish Steps.

Hey yes, that is a thick road the drops off the mountain with ladders to get down some spots. Yikes!

Moss covered rope!

Checking out the view.

Old Wives Beach. (trying to tell us something?)

This is like dollar weed, but on steroids with with palm sized leaves and pretty flowers.

Vetting Bay overlook

Fort Soledad:

After a drive at hehe Island, we are back and the family fixed dinner ;(

lag is kicking in! Zzzzzzz

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Britnee Autrey said...

Wow! It's great to see what it looks like there! Their house looks so cute!