Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Random from the phone

I love foggy mornings coming into work.

Water!!!! Yikes. Leaking a/c pan. $300 later. Yowza! I will never understand WHY GA puts them IN the attic!!

Liz's pre-graduation feast was Korean YUM!! 2 bulgogi plates and one pork cutlet plate OMG soooo good!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Garden project

 Angela and I pulled most of the weeds from the front bed - forgot a before picture of this side, but it looked something like this:
 baby birds in the green house - they look NAKED and HOT...
 The crew hard at work making a row...

finishing up the last little bit...
 the work crew!  (Ok, I look like a freaking GIANT in here - and no, I'm not standing on the row!)
we ended up with two rows but only one full one and one partial row filled with tomatoes - by June we'll be staking them to keep them upright!
Dad checked our progress and put together a final soaker hose out of the last partial one on the fence.  Life is good!

After Graduation party!

 Mori, Jasmine, Jasmines cousin, Shawn, Gloria, Lizzie and not pictured is Greg (seen below behind the blue float)
 Baily snuck in later along with Greg who came back from his other party :)
 Shawn bombing the rest!

Fun and games pool size - what could be better?

Birds, Birds and a few squirrels!

 I'm so happy to see DOVES in there!!!

Elizabeth has graduated!!

Wouldn't you know it - my camera decided it was too low of light to take the picture when she was shaking the FIRST hand... it took it as she walked away... never to be seen from the front again!!!  AND we were on the opposite side from where she was walking into the venue... so we didn't even get to see her walk in :(

Yes, I will be purchasing the pictures from the school!!
Gloria, Liz Shawn, Mori, Bailey
Kayla B - her soon to be roommate at Georgia Southern!
Grandmothers with the graduate!

We are SO confused on where to look, eh?