Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Chair

I will admit it has one issue. The seat has pulled apart I can take it apart and replace the webbing with another piece or mend what's there. We will see which I choose in time to resolve this little issue.

I've ran the cushion cover through the wash and odo-banned the padding for germs. And scrubbed the arms down with a Mr Clean scrubber and was grossed out at the guck to come off of it :oP

What would YOU pay? They compare at Ikea here: ($49.99 if you're not inclined to look it up)

It was at Goodwill for $20 for a while. Then it hit 50% off whoop!! $10 and I was all over it!

Birthday girl

Birthday girl

Angela turned 14 in the 4th. We had grand plans to go out for Korean however they were closed! Bummer! We ended up at Zen's Japanese Steak House instead. Hibachi. Yum! Then home for CAKE!!

The Cake was made by Miss C - Skyler's Mom. She did a GREAT job, didn't she?

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Coffee table

$8.50 + $2 spray paint a little time , cutting and sanding: