Saturday, November 5, 2011

Why I love my new buiding the photo explanation

This is the hallway outside of my door - I'm actually standing in my doorway looking towards what used to the be the gym - that is natural light you see at the end of that hall - the hallway is flooded with light from the courtyard and from the big windows at the end of each of the hallways to left and right.  Ah... light... the opposite direction has the same effect
 Turning around facing into our room - what you can't see is there is a window the the left and right of this photo - albeit above the cubicle walls, it is still natural light into the room...
 What I can see if I'm sitting in my chair and just turn around.  There are squirrels in the trees too - and, well, in our ceilings for the time being too - ha!  Small problem.  Two rooms over there is a panel missing in the ceiling and the gal turned around to see a squirrel checking her out from the hole - how funny!  This is also our FAT trap door... note the cube goes one third over the door -doesn't stop us!!  I have since put two rugs - one inside the door and one outside the door for the dirt factor. :o)
 My cube in the background... where I sit.every day for the better part of 8 hours.  it's smaller than before, but really, I LIKE it... Even Butch said I'm a lot happier since I moved into this building.  I really think it has to do with getting more sunshine in my day!
 What I see when I step out the door... ah, it's so nice!!  It's more of a fall landscape now with leaves changing fast.
 the white building you can see to the right of the picture is the BX (clothing store, like a mini-target without the grocery store). they have a food court and this is where I will walk to most of the time for lunch.  short white building in the FAR distance (not really that far).. is the commissary (grocery store) so no more excuses that I can't get to the commissary for shopping - drat it!  Within walking distance there is a Pizza Depot that has everything from Pizza to burgers to salads.  There is a bowling ally with a grill within walking distance and of course the BX food court with two sandwich shops, a Cinnabon (I have avoided it this far!), a pizza place, and a Mexican place.  Ah... the life!!

Fall School Pictures

NOW I remember why I don't buy school pictures!
 This is SO not Angela - she isn't smiling big - she looks like she's in pain (or constipated!)... HATE this picture of her.... she is SO much more beautiful than this picture shows and something with the angle gives her a MUCH more rounded face than in reality.  Horrible picture!
Liz's, I had to take a picture of a picture (from her school ID) because I don't know where her package went to purchase (thus couldn't get a good picture of it...)... I like hers well enough.  But there are no glasses - reality is that there are glasses in her life.  Hum.. interesting. 

Even though I don't buy them, I do want to see them, look at them.  Then take my own with their personality shining through :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Halloween (yes, I know this is late - we've been busy!)

 I think Angela changed outfits about three times before heading out.. she had this choice on first, then went to bride of Frankenstein (*my favorite!) then back to this - vampire girl :) 
Her Friend - Miss M is a SkullAnimal person.  Cute girls!
 Not sure about the bloody bandage on her wrist, but it's an addition that couldn't be passed up given it was in the blood package I picked up for the night :)
 Liz looks positively scary and actually answered the door to some trick-or-treaters and gave them a second thought about getting candy form this house!  ha!  Can you believe that is her MIDDLE SCHOOL chorus dress?  Yes, she's a Junior now... and it still fits - it's a few inches short in the length, but overall the rest fits just fine.
Although looking horrible, actually a smile for me before she headed out... all alone with her sword in hand ... She never did catch up with her sister on their rounds. 

They were all back in the house at 7:30 and 8:00 - Angela came home first, then Liz came in thinking it was closer to 9pm since it was dead (no pun intended) out here...  Our last trick-or-treater came at about 7:50 - then NO MORE.  I went through about 3 1/2 bags of candy where as we typically go through about 5.  Weird event this year.  It didn't seem nearly as busy I actually watched part of the Walking Dead (zombie apocalypse show filmed out of Atlanta for those not in the know) between treaters.. how appropriate, eh?

Hot Tub Season is now OPEN!

Yes, it’s official – hot tub season is now open and in full swing… the tub has been heated and occupied for about an hour last night – ah, the life!!

Come on out and join in on the soaking!


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

College Meet and Greets and choices...

Well, last night was a meet and greet with Georgia Southern University.   We’re trying to get Liz to concentrate on a school or two to figure out just WHERE she wants to go.  This could be interesting.

She has been to the SUU Campus (my Alma Mater) by default because *I* wanted to see how much it had grown and changed since the 80’s and boy has it!!  It’s still a very small campus (only about 4 city blocks long and two city blocks wide), but has a lot more to offer than when I went there. 

We drove through the GSU campus on Saturday night on the way home from the band competition in Statesboro and it was large, but looked to be fairly manageable and they have transportation on campus, so that is a plus.

There is an open house on campus on the 12th, so I guess that is the next step – have her go there and see what she likes.

I should have all my nieces and nephews and even Sister tell her how great SUU is and the benefits of it as well.  Butch doesn’t want her going that far away from home, however it could be an option in the future…. Or not.  I think she is destined for a much brighter future than I could even dream of.  We have even teased her about Harvard… maybe it’s not so far fetched…

So – for now, we keep visiting campus’ and see what she feels is a good fit.

Should I tell her Princeton is a very small cute campus too?  Hee hee hee.

Monday, October 31, 2011


On our trip to Orlando this fall, I inadvertently left a whole Tupperware full of crackers as well as a jar of peanut butter in the cabinet of the Condo.  Was it worth it to call the condo place?  Do you think they would have kept it – it took me a few weeks to even discover it was missing?  Sigh.  Today I went over to the BX and picked up a replacement container from the Tupperware Lady… did I mention just HOW much I like my new office location?

I now have a door and a window to my back – which you would think would bug the crud out of me with folks behind me all day, but really I don’t mind as I can look OUTSIDE.  This is a first – in 15 years with civil service and 5 years with contractors for the government and this is the first time I have a window, much less a door!!

I’m so thrilled with the cubicle I have.  So thrilled that I can actually walk out the door.. even if it is a “fat trap” – aka it’s not to be used for anything other than emergency as it’s partially blocked with the cubicle furniture… thereby making it a smaller than normal opening.

Even with all the horrible flimsy furniture (plus side is it’s new), and the odd door, and the fact that it is a school house and still is very much so with the tack strips down the hall that everyone saw fit to decorate with cutouts for the holiday (yes, now it SCREAMS school house)… even with all that I LOVE the new place.  Parking is wonderful.  You can walk to multiple food locations:  BX has sandwich shop, pizza place, Philly cheese place, and a taco place; class 6 has Churches Chicken; bowling alley; old NCO club has the pizza depot.  AND the thrift store is also within walking distance.  Yes, yes, I know – NOT where I need to go, but I still do!

I’m in love with my new work location!!



This was our last weekend with concessions too – this year I only missed one game.  I had a sinus headache/migraine and just wasn’t up for it that night.  I thought there was ONE more home game that I was going to ditch… one that they had swapped from a Friday to a Saturday.  Turned out that was/is an away game, this last Friday was the last day our team would man the concessions – so I did my motherly duty as well as my school duty and did the concessions for my 3rd year – yeah me!!


Band Competitions

Last year there were three band competitions if I remember correctly – one in Southern GA, one in Atlanta (really enjoyed that one) and another to the west, I believe (we didn’t go to it).  


This year there was only one and it was this weekend.  


Do I have a single picture?  Nope. 


Did I care?  Not really, I really enjoyed sitting there and watching the performance and cheering on the kids instead of worrying about missing a shot, and trying to get it “just so”… it was nice to sit, snuggle and watch the performance.  It was COLD – 40’s which to some isn’t too bad, but for us warm blooded folks, cold!.


The kids did GREAT.  They got excellent in all the classes and over hall “High Guard” as well.  They were excited. 


They still lost the overall best in show… but that is because there is a smaller band that goes for the “fun” factor and always puts on an excellent show (sorry Liz, but they really do have the entertainment factor down!)  Our band is good, really good and really BIG.  They are huge compared to most on the field and they can do some intricate work.  However, they do it as a band does, without a “show” and without much more than the band uniforms… these guys were dressed like crash test dummies or road crew or something… and really hammed it up.  Ah, well – our guys are good and very intricate and very formal :o)  That’s a good thing too.


All in all a good weekend activity.  Angela got to bring a friend with her, so was running back and forth to the concessions and here there and everywhere.  Half the time wrapped in blankets, which I didn’t care because they were red, so I never really lost sight of them!  Ha!