Monday, October 31, 2011


On our trip to Orlando this fall, I inadvertently left a whole Tupperware full of crackers as well as a jar of peanut butter in the cabinet of the Condo.  Was it worth it to call the condo place?  Do you think they would have kept it – it took me a few weeks to even discover it was missing?  Sigh.  Today I went over to the BX and picked up a replacement container from the Tupperware Lady… did I mention just HOW much I like my new office location?

I now have a door and a window to my back – which you would think would bug the crud out of me with folks behind me all day, but really I don’t mind as I can look OUTSIDE.  This is a first – in 15 years with civil service and 5 years with contractors for the government and this is the first time I have a window, much less a door!!

I’m so thrilled with the cubicle I have.  So thrilled that I can actually walk out the door.. even if it is a “fat trap” – aka it’s not to be used for anything other than emergency as it’s partially blocked with the cubicle furniture… thereby making it a smaller than normal opening.

Even with all the horrible flimsy furniture (plus side is it’s new), and the odd door, and the fact that it is a school house and still is very much so with the tack strips down the hall that everyone saw fit to decorate with cutouts for the holiday (yes, now it SCREAMS school house)… even with all that I LOVE the new place.  Parking is wonderful.  You can walk to multiple food locations:  BX has sandwich shop, pizza place, Philly cheese place, and a taco place; class 6 has Churches Chicken; bowling alley; old NCO club has the pizza depot.  AND the thrift store is also within walking distance.  Yes, yes, I know – NOT where I need to go, but I still do!

I’m in love with my new work location!!


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