Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Halloween (yes, I know this is late - we've been busy!)

 I think Angela changed outfits about three times before heading out.. she had this choice on first, then went to bride of Frankenstein (*my favorite!) then back to this - vampire girl :) 
Her Friend - Miss M is a SkullAnimal person.  Cute girls!
 Not sure about the bloody bandage on her wrist, but it's an addition that couldn't be passed up given it was in the blood package I picked up for the night :)
 Liz looks positively scary and actually answered the door to some trick-or-treaters and gave them a second thought about getting candy form this house!  ha!  Can you believe that is her MIDDLE SCHOOL chorus dress?  Yes, she's a Junior now... and it still fits - it's a few inches short in the length, but overall the rest fits just fine.
Although looking horrible, actually a smile for me before she headed out... all alone with her sword in hand ... She never did catch up with her sister on their rounds. 

They were all back in the house at 7:30 and 8:00 - Angela came home first, then Liz came in thinking it was closer to 9pm since it was dead (no pun intended) out here...  Our last trick-or-treater came at about 7:50 - then NO MORE.  I went through about 3 1/2 bags of candy where as we typically go through about 5.  Weird event this year.  It didn't seem nearly as busy I actually watched part of the Walking Dead (zombie apocalypse show filmed out of Atlanta for those not in the know) between treaters.. how appropriate, eh?


Suzanne said...

They look awesome! I especially love Liz's makeup!

Suzanne said...

Oh...and don't feel bad. I just put up my Halloween pictures tonight too.