Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Roadside find chair.

I always forget to take the true before before pictures where it was in three pieces. The top was off and the spindle was divided at the top 1/3 of the overall spindle. Making the top have "teeth" sticking down. The center piece was off and I debated not putting it back on however it was too plain without it, so I glued it back in place. The other two spindles were long gone, so wood putty was the option of choice :)

So today the clamps came off and the sanding has begun. It's going to be an awfully cute chair ;)

The bedside table below was a roadside find also and the top got a good sanding as well. Still debating it it's worth trying to save. It has the cutest shape and it would give me a chance to try and make a shelf to replace the missing top drawer. :). It's not solid wood and had had a rough life.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014's been a while (may 2012)

From the last list...and ashamed they aren't done in some cases!
· PAINT the backdoor.
· Sprinklers - yes, we HAVE to add this back on there
We are down to just one (not so) little thing left... and that is run the final wiring to the box by the driveway bump out. Butch wants to go under the driveway for this one... which will entail some tunneling.
For the sake of THIS exercise, I’m going to put the whole “sprinklers” and backyard stuff to bed with a “Butch is doing that"… and pray the progress continues
· get the rest of the house organized with the group
· get the craft room up to snuff (scary statement)
The group is dying on the vine out there and I'm tempted to take it over as I really need to get back on track

New :
Plant the north west flower bed and put gravel down for the drainage area.
Plant the long flower pots

I need to hit the lotto so I can stay home... then I stay home and I don't DO anything...
Guess I don't really NEED to hit the lottery, but boy wouldn't it be nice? Sigh. Not going to happen.

I guess if I would stop buying projects, I could get ahead in life. I have a number of projects...
They are:
(you KNOW I’m doing this to motivate myself, really, I am!)
Left over from last year...
· The cheese domes
o In my defense they are HALF painted now… well, more than half painted, but not fully as I was using my new trusty sprayer and I was running low on paint so the dresser won the battle as it really needed to be painted more than the cheese dome bases J
o What am I going to DO with these domes? Well, the goal is to put them on the mantel during holidays and have them filled with items of the season – easter eggs with grass, pine cones with fake snow during the winter…
o Do I really NEED these? Uhm, probably not… but I still want to get them done!
· Coat rack
o Yeah, about ready to put that bad boy out back to test it in the weather BEFORE I paint it to see if I’m on track with that. I want to put it out there in the winter so my towel will be RIGHT next to the hot tub
NEW this year – well, sort of.
· China hutch – repaint and paper the back wall with something cute. Maybe in a yellow pattern?
· Purple dresser repaint (Angelas old one)
· Paint the desk chair and recover it
· Figure out what I'm doing with the long dresser.
· Refinish coffee table and end stand for Liz
· Refinish small cedar chest

I'm sure there are lots of things that go hand in hand with these tasks as I need to go to Lowes to see about a pad for the palm sander and things like that. All in good time, I guess.

Now that they are on paper (?) again, maybe this will help motivate me again to get things DONE...

Monday, June 2, 2014

Craig's list find!

And they really were $20 for the two. Score. :)
They are a bit scratched, need a good sanding and resealed. They are VERY sturdy. They will probably go to college with a girl the end of next year :)

Angela's teeth

What are you looking at? Angela's molar movement. Top X-ray is one year ago. The bottom was today. The top was when her 12 year molars were laying on the sides. And wisdom teeth were tucked in there too (more like crammed in there). This is the most improved tooth it's almost totally upright now! Nice!!

Here is the other side. This was the more difficult side to move, thus the spring loaded "pusher”。still quite and impressive amount of movement! I think another 6 months and we will have that bad boy in place as well! Wednesday is the orthodontist appointment and we will learn more of what they will be doing to get that last tooth in place. Today was just the dental cleaning but the hygienist had me come in to see the movement that has been accomplished. :) love my dental office!

Lizzie's foot

Today was the day to get the foot looked at by orthopedics.

The doc decided it wasn't far enough off (3mm) to justify surgery so she is getting a cast

First a sock the the padding:

Then the under layer with no color.

Then green:


The issue was that the foot was too flexed. They wanted it more if a 90 degree angle.

So off comes THAT cast:

And down on the belly to let gravity help with the position of the foot

Much better angle!

And then we went to lunch with gma and gpa as he was in town to have HIS foot worked on as well!

They match! Ha!

Also did you know it is illegal for her to drive with her right foot in a cast? Yep not just difficult, illegal. Sigh. No driving for her for the summer and now we (parents) get to juggle band stuff :(