Monday, June 2, 2014

Angela's teeth

What are you looking at? Angela's molar movement. Top X-ray is one year ago. The bottom was today. The top was when her 12 year molars were laying on the sides. And wisdom teeth were tucked in there too (more like crammed in there). This is the most improved tooth it's almost totally upright now! Nice!!

Here is the other side. This was the more difficult side to move, thus the spring loaded "pusher”。still quite and impressive amount of movement! I think another 6 months and we will have that bad boy in place as well! Wednesday is the orthodontist appointment and we will learn more of what they will be doing to get that last tooth in place. Today was just the dental cleaning but the hygienist had me come in to see the movement that has been accomplished. :) love my dental office!

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