Monday, June 2, 2014

Lizzie's foot

Today was the day to get the foot looked at by orthopedics.

The doc decided it wasn't far enough off (3mm) to justify surgery so she is getting a cast

First a sock the the padding:

Then the under layer with no color.

Then green:


The issue was that the foot was too flexed. They wanted it more if a 90 degree angle.

So off comes THAT cast:

And down on the belly to let gravity help with the position of the foot

Much better angle!

And then we went to lunch with gma and gpa as he was in town to have HIS foot worked on as well!

They match! Ha!

Also did you know it is illegal for her to drive with her right foot in a cast? Yep not just difficult, illegal. Sigh. No driving for her for the summer and now we (parents) get to juggle band stuff :(

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