Saturday, August 22, 2015

Destin bound and having fun

First let me apologize for the horrid color on these photos. My phone camera got stuck on a weird color setting on there and me without glasses the fist half and not paying attention the second really makes for some badly colored photos. But photos they are and documentation as well, so they stay ;)

I had seen on a blog ( 8/9/2015) about her visit to Destin and an antique shop there called Antiques on Holiday. I thought vacation type holiday. Come to find out the STREET its on is Holiday street. Cool. The place was AWESOME. And I need to hit the lottery to bring some of the GIGANTIC cabinets and built-ins back to Georgia with me!!

Karen found a small bottle of wine for us to share tonight as well ;)

I was caught flirting with my new boyfriend ;)

Can't you believe this is antique French lighting?? Really. I must have this. Hahahahaha. Nope.

Yep this is really the price wowzer they LOVED their stuff there!!

We continues on through one more antique store just in front of the first. Made our way to Old Time Pottery where a new table was purchased for a lamp in the living room. It's growing on me. My favorite is art I picked up but I think I'll make you wait until we hang Ito see it ;)

We went to Goodwill then headed to the beach.

Beautiful day out there even if we looked pained in our smiles! A nice relaxing day.

Home again and we ate leftovers for dinner after a big Mexican lunch out today. Then over to visit Sally for a bit and home again to relax and enjoy the rest of the evening surfing blogs and Pinterest.

Friday, August 21, 2015


Deserted the fam in favor of a girls weekend disguised as a trip for the home inspection for insurance.

Karen met me at the house and we drove down together. We had Good trip down, and when we got here I got to met a new friend in Cleo. What a hoot!

Karen's sister met us as well. We dashed out for a quick lunch and to pick up groceries before the cable guy and inspectors came.

When we got back home the cable guy was already here (early!). We sat and visited while the cable guy installed everything waited. We had a little bit more of a wait until the inspector made it.

The inspector was very impressed with the little house. Took lots of pictures and said "no problems here". I would hope not for all the $$ that's been poured in ;)

I've also learned a lot about gluten free stuff today too. Interesting. Not sure I could do it unless I had to!

After the inspector left we loaded the old table into Cleo's car as she fell in love with it and really I was going to donate it anyway, so it's much more fun to see it go to a home that wants it ;). She was thrilled. ;) me too.

Karen, Kathy and I then went to the beach to take a walk. Very nice night for a walk on the beach. The sunset wasn't so impressive due to the clouds, but a nice walk.
We saw these.

What is that? Closer look

Still unsure??

Picture from Google. It's a button jelly fish and I would have taken WAY more pictures of them but my phone died. Dang battery!!! Ugh. They were all over and the seagulls weren't eating them either. I picked one up with no ill effect. Glad they didn't sting of affect me in any way. Some can have reactions to the tentacle. I'm not one, thank goodness ;)

After that, back home to clean up and try a gluten free dinner. Not too bad really ;) we talked some more then bed early as we had all been up early this morning. The only difference is that neither one of them sleep well. We'll see how o I do sleeping later than 6:30! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What I learned this weekend (Florida house)

The main bathroom is TINY


I have never had to stay in any other bedroom and use the main bath to get ready. 


I found you can't open the door to the closet in there without bonking (technical term) into the old fashioned towel rack and you certainly can't stand in there, and see yourself in the mirror with the closet door open. 


Solution?  Remove the closet door.  It's not really needed in my opinion – the closet in there is currently holding towels, a makeup tray and a few long skinny trays for tooth brushes and toothpaste.  I guess my only issue with removing the door is now there is an open shelf close to the potty that has tooth brushes in it... then again, I store mine in the medicine cabinet behind the mirror, so I don't care :)  That’s evil isn’t it?  The medicine cabinet will hold three of those skinny containers easily for tooth brushes and toothpaste.  They’re very handy!  (The medicine cabinet AND the trays for the items)


The 1/2 bath doesn't have this issue because the cabinet is off to the right when you stand at the sink and I'm not social while getting ready so having the bathroom door shut while having the closet door open doesn't bug me :)  Mom pointed out there is nowhere to put blow dryers and curling irons when you’re getting ready in that bathroom as well.  I hadn’t noticed as I always have the closet door open and mostly just plop the hairdryer into the sink anyway!  (and I don’t use an iron)


I will have to look for another one of those “hot” holders for the back of the toilet in that room.  I have the one in the main bath, it’s not been on the back of the toilet as I had the towel hook bar over there waiting to be hung (which it is now). 


Next up in the main bath is the artwork I had planned to hang in the main as well as the face towel/washcloth hooks to be put in place over the toilet…. See, the list isn’t ending is it???  Sigh.  Oh, well, at least it’s getting shorter J


I would LOVE to get rid of the old fashioned towel rack in the main bathroom, however it’s the old 1960’s tiled in place rack.  Yeah… I researched it on YouTube – you have to chisel each of the end tile mounts out, then replace the now missing tile with a replacement tile.  As this is 1960s tile and I doubt anyone carries that pale gray blue color anymore, so matching the color would be a booger.  I think we will just leave it in place for now and reformat the room if/when we ever gut/remodel it we’ll remove all of those and put up more modern fixtures.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Work work work.

I thought our list was short enough to justify Mom and Dad coming down. I thought we would have lots of extra time. Hahahahaha. I should KNOW nothing is that quick/easy/painless.

I had wanted to bring dads little green rolling cart to paint however a good old fashioned chair did the trick as well. Dad did a great job painting and caulking to baseboard in the bedroom. Looks GREAT!!

Dad then assisted Angela with dresser assembly. Between them they assembled a beautiful little blue dresser.

Angela also assembled the cutest table for the dining room.

Dad attempted to install the hardware on the closet door. Angela and I both failed it. Butch ended up installing it. Yay Butch!

We also were greeted with the new counters. However discovers a few "treats" left over from the install.

Glue glob. Yeah, that removed a little paint. :( booo

They also cracked the faceplate on the stove during install.

The most shocking is the color. In the pictures it didn't look blue enough. How very silly I was! Look at that color!!!

And onto hooking the gas back up!!

All the way in!!

Butch in the hole and Dad supervising. Worked out well. Has all hooked back up and a functional stove.

On to the rest of the house.

Pillow cases put in place. Bringing all the colors together.

Curtains up!! The far right corner gave me FITS. Butch had to step in and rescue me from myself and power tools!!

The bunk room has ART and the rug went down even though it's not my favorite, it's nice to have it in the morning on your feet. Angela stayed in the room this weekend and the beds passed with flying colors on the comfort scale. Good to know.

She was also thrilled with the curtains. Installing them was funny. We measured everything but the rod. Whoops. I on the bracket too far out and had to remove, relocate and paint over my spackle job.

I picked these up at goodwill. I debated the frames however really loved the boats!

The coral room. I needed more light but it was a rainy and still needs a bit more work to pull this room together.

Master bedroom. Note the blue dresser on the right.

Another angel. Cute little dresser.

The kitchen again with the table in place. I was able to sit with Mom and Dad for breakfast. We got easily however I wouldn't sit there while anyone was cooking!!

Cute little table on a rainy dreary day (the massive can lights ARE on!)

And the final push before heading back to the house. It was a productive weekend.

The list was set to paint the hallway patch job and around the kitchen walls with wall paint - done.
Paint the baseboards that were installed last trip (bedroom and kitchen - both single walls) - done.
Install doorknobs - done.
We also caulked all the gaps in the doorways. Well MOST of them. I ran out (again!) of caulking before done (THREE tubes!). Lots of gaps!!
Clean - done!
Replace the pump housing - nope but a possible connection to get it done? Hard to tell.

And with that another weeks done.