Monday, November 21, 2011

Sunday "doings"

Well after painting most of the day on Saturday, I really wasn’t motivated to do much, however had promised Mom and Dad I would work on their computer as they were getting new modem in Saturday and not hearing from them by Sunday via email let me know it was not working….

So.. after a VERY lazy morning laying in bed drinking coffee and reading the Sunday paper and catching up on a few taped shows…

I finally got off my duff and headed out to the folks in the late afternoon – like 2:30pm – so yes it was a very SLOW start to the day!!

After a little bouncing around and changing out to the new modem and a call to tech support.. we opted to see if it was the cable or the computer.  I plugged my laptop into the cable and it worked.  Hum.  Weird.  I opened the computer and the NIC (network Interface Card) wasn’t screwed into place… so when in doubt, reseat it and try again.  So I pulled it out, reseated it and fired up the computer and it worked!  So, there are/were two things in consideration, the modems power supply was as hot as a fire cracker when I pulled it off… so, really it could have been the issue all along – overheating, etc.  Or it could just have been the NIC … hard to know for sure.  So, Dad is going to see if he can find an alternate power supply for the unit.

And the best news?  They are still up and running this morning – albeit with a few errors, they’re running.  Always a plus!

So, that done, I was off to Lowes to figure out a return of the extra long mop/tool holder I had picked up.  Apparently I only had 35” to play with, not 36”.  Drat the fact I didn’t measure it before I purchased!  Ha!  Oh, well, that was fixed as well.  I returned the too long one for a less lengthy one.  Problem solved.  I’ll have to mount that this week sometime as well. 

I also had a chat with the Lowes cabinet folks who put  up the Fa├žade backsplash panels… to see what I could do about getting a LONGER piece of the edging material as it was pointed out that the shorter pieces put together would look tacky.  Well, come to find out they don’t make it in longer lengths – just 18” which is bad because the panel I have is just wide enough to put behind the utility sink and give a little overlap to boot.  Not bad!  Well, after much discussion with these folks I have opted to go without the boarder and just trim it down to relieve it of it’s flat edge… looks OK cut too.  Maybe I’ll boarder it with some vinyl swirls?  Hard to know right now.. not sure I want to draw any attention to it at this point.  I’ll have to cut it and start the install before I’ll know if I like it or not.  Worse case it will look horrible and we’ll have to drop back 10 and punt with a new idea for the backsplash.

That taken care of it was time to think dinner.  Goodness, for a day starting out so smooth, it’s getting a bit ragged, eh?  I cheated and went to Publics – mostly to look for the creamer my MIL recommended (White Chocolate Raspberry)… which I found!!  So I picked up some chicken and some potato salad and headed to the house to feed the hungry mob.  I also fixed some biscuits and some gravy (thanks mom for those packets!) and heated up some left over Mac-n-cheese and called it a feast.  Ha!  Not really, but Angela’s friend who stayed for dinner called it one… boy she doesn’t get out much, eh?  LOL 

So much for me sleeping all Sunday with no guilt.  Didn’t happen.  Ah, well.