Saturday, May 7, 2011

Where the Bolt was removed ;)

Well, the neck was unveiled on Friday and not as bad as all that - although the blue stitches leave a little to be desired.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I feel like Evander Holifield.....

Well, as you all know - it's Cinco De Mayo!  Happy Cinco De Mayo Day everyone!!!
 oh, wait, that is NOT the news you were looking for is it? 

Today was the Mohs day and not the good Moe's food place, Mohs surgery. Dr. Sharkey day, and yes, I still chuckle at that too.  I had been looking at some of the options on how they can repair after removal.  Most were noses and such.  Some of the ear ones were pretty drastic with pinning down the ear to allow for blood flow to re-establish to the transfer site.  Some were simple removals, others were not.  I started to get very concerned, so stopped looking.  There you go, way to solve a fear.  Avoid it!  Yep.  I played ostrich for a while there.  Plus, let's think about this logically.  What was I to do, really? Can I change the outcome, can I change the procedure?  Can I truly choose how they will repair was was damaged in my youth?  nope.  So I chose instead to wait.  Why worry about something that's not going to change.  Even *I* can feel the good sized deformity in my ear and my estimates turned out to be right on track on the size and just about how it would all look.

So, why all the rambling?  Well to drop all the VERY graphic pictures off the screen if you so choose to NOT look at them, of course!  Because I debated if the doc would take pictures for me, or allow a nurse to take pictures.  They quite happily agreed to do so for the gory side of me (and my family members).  So, you will get to the see the procedure in almost all it's glory.

You've seen the before, I had estimated it would be a good 1/4 to 1/2 inch of removal.  I was right on target for that.
All marked up and ready to go 
 The doc enjoyed getting up close and personal on these shots :D
 Quite the healthy CHUNK cut out, eh?  YIKES!  I thought INSIDE The lines - nope to the outside.
Good news?  They only had to cut the once (thank goodness) they checked and clean margins in and outside of the removal area.
 The white on the ear?  Well, that would be the piece of skin they had just removed from behind my ear.  Loverly, hu?  could have been worse, they did debate "pinning" the ear - where they take the flap, allow blood flow to remain and have it attached to the head.  Then they come back after it's healed to the ear, and cut it away from behind the ear and sew it all back up again.  Thanks, this looks worse from this perspective, but better than it COULD have been.
All stitched up and almost out the door.
They took an equal size chunk off the other side of my neck.  I didn't get shots of that, however had discovered I could "watch" using my cell phone to see the entire thing in reflection.  Pretty cool.

The WORST news of the day?  I have to keep the graft site DRY and covered in the SAME bandage for a WEEK.  GAG!!!  So - with it being on the ear, the natural thought is how am I to wash my hair?  Now this will be a good trick.  I think I'll get some help in a few days to stand in the shower with the ear covered in plastic and have someone else wash it for me... or maybe resort to the old talcum trick if it comes to it.  They wanted me to wait until the 16th.  Look at a calendar and tell me I didn't immediately say HECK NO!!  That would have been ELEVEN days with this issue of not being able to just jump into the shower.  Eleven days without my wonderful, glorious rain shower, that I will miss so early for the whole seven I will have to wait as it is.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hair and Ear update

Linda wanted to see what I do with my hair now that it's MY hands and not the hair dresser... the answer is not a lot... I blow dry and go.  I do use a bit of shaping "wax" to get the part to behave, but other than that, it's blow and go.. It's a good thing I prefer a messy look.

The ear is healing nicely - now that it's on the mend just in time to get really wacked apart... poor ear.