Saturday, March 29, 2014


Spring break project started.
I should have taken a true "before" picture but this is mid stream. Walls spackled and taped. Paint to be purchased and began tomorrow.

I made Angie spackle. I think she will not be putting pins in the wall any more :)

I love my back yard

I really, really do....

But sitting here today I'm thinking it's time to get trees to cover this view....maybe that's a good goal for this week, yes?

And then I looked up....

See anything "off"? I laughed at this one... Sneaky little birds!!

A few pictures to determine if the get to stay through the birth of any babies....

Nope, safe to remove...I need a few more snakes (fake) to deter these guys :)

Sunday, March 23, 2014


I look at my backyard and I see something completely different than Butch and even Angela.

I see flowers. About three types if you can see the tiny tiny blue ones in there.

And I see "wishes"

And much to the dismay ift husband u still blow in them ;)

My pale daffodils are still going strong

Much to the display of their darker neighbors.

Oh and pollen lots and lots of pollen. There is a price for green green areas. A green slime over everything outside!!

Time to filter the hot tub to get rid of the yellow ring....instead I think I will do some waterfall and enjoy the sounds for a while .... Ah...

I'm sure there's something else I could do before it rains but suddenly I've lost all ambition!

Transplanting continues

These are from under the pine trees. All transplanted in a brand new sunny bed!

Ok so my lines not straight I was fending off the last of a fire ant bed I had sprayed earlier. Yowza!