Sunday, March 23, 2014


I look at my backyard and I see something completely different than Butch and even Angela.

I see flowers. About three types if you can see the tiny tiny blue ones in there.

And I see "wishes"

And much to the dismay ift husband u still blow in them ;)

My pale daffodils are still going strong

Much to the display of their darker neighbors.

Oh and pollen lots and lots of pollen. There is a price for green green areas. A green slime over everything outside!!

Time to filter the hot tub to get rid of the yellow ring....instead I think I will do some waterfall and enjoy the sounds for a while .... Ah...

I'm sure there's something else I could do before it rains but suddenly I've lost all ambition!

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Linda Liebhardt said...

You live in a meadow!! How pretty.