Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mothers, Doctors and trips to Atlanta

Weird subject line, isn’t it?  I agree, but it really is what the subject is.

After talking to others in my same age range with aging parents, I have to say I’m lucky.  I’m very, very lucky both to have my mother still here on this earth with me and to actually like spending time with her.  And I also have a great mother-in-law too, so I’m doubly blessed.  I hear horror stories of parents in homes, parents who are highly dependant and have to live with the family – not that this is a bad thing, I think having older generations in the same house as a great thing for kids to live and learn to appreciate who their grandparents are as people.  Note to self, have more family time with folks :o)

Anyway on to the subject at hand.  Mom had a Dr’s appointment in Atlanta at Emory – the very same place I had my surgery back in 2007 (has it been that long?) so knowing the area was key to getting her there in one piece.  Driving through ATL can be a challenge on a good day and impossible on a bad day.  This was a good day.

 I worked ½ a day and then picked mom up and had a nice lunch at Olive Garden (soup and salad – yum!) then headed north.  We only made one other stop and got to Emory right on time – literally – got there at 2pm for a 2pm appointment.  Hum should have planned that a bit better, eh?  Either way, they didn’t look at us funny.  Mom got in and out fairly quick for a large teaching hospital.

Now, if we headed home, we would get into traffic of schools, work, etc, so *I* had made some plans to go thrifting while there in a LARGE town.

The run down:

1.       Finders Keepers (2134 N Decatur Road) – clothing, just clothing and nice clothing.. but tiny clothing.  Not for me, thanks.

2.       Last Chance (2525 N Decatur Road) – HUGE goodwill sort of place.  Tempted by one console table.  Good prices, but nothing screamed buy me

3.       Buckhead Thriftique (800 Miami Circle #1600) – looked to be very nice – why I headed that way to begin with… but they were CLOSED at 4pm – what the heck?

a.       Side stops here included one place with a moving sale banner that drew us in.  Very nice, very high end, nothing there for me.

b.      Antique Asian Market with a cart in their roll up door (picture forthcoming when I get home)

c.       Note to self, this road is KILLER with shopping!!

4.       Last Chance (yes this is another!) (5488 Peach Tree Industrial) same as the last one, smaller building with a very tempting hotel close out store next door, however, we were running out of daylight and due to NOT knowing the area and shopping thrift, not something I wanted to do in the dark, thanks!

5.       My Favorite Place (5596 Peach Tree) right down the road from the last and the mother load of all fun things.  My whole childhood was in this store… and some of mom’s too.  Found a lunch box like Dad’s old metal one he took to work every day of my childhood… old rotary phones – the big black ones that I would love to have hooked up now in a house just for giggles.  My mother-in-law has one in her kitchen that I just LOVE in a green.  Had the wall one I found in this store been anything other than tan, I think I would have been more tempted to buy it just to mount to the wall (we don’t have a land line!)  There was soooo much in this store it was scary and so much fun!!  By far the best place to end our thrifting trip.  Mom even purchased something at this one too – a nice solid rooster made of cast iron and metal – very nice one too.  What did I purchase?  Nothing – the whole trip – nothing was purchased by me… how very sad, eh?  Not really, I have enough projects to last me a year.

The drive home was adventurous too.  We ran into traffic on 285 just as we hit 85 – so I zipped over on 85 across to 75 south and zipped right along in the HOV lane (carpool) until we were just south of ATL and saw a warning of “all lanes blocked” at Cleveland street.. Where IS Cleveland Street?  Not a clue… so I see the sign, just as I see a lot of solid red so I continued on 85 around the airport…. However, not before I noticed the “all lanes” was only in reference to the actual Cleveland exit… 75 was clear as a bell, drat it.  Oh, well, just a few more miles out of the way and around the airport… zipped back over on 285 to 75 and headed south… doubled my miles the whole way – but better than sitting in a parking lot, I guess.

All in all a great day!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Daylight Savings Time...? Really?

This weekend was a full one (when are they NOT full?)  We had a friend of Angela’s overnight Friday night and most of the day on Saturday.

The kids really enjoyed that part – they slept until they wanted to get up, they did nothing but play games on the xbox up stairs and visit, talk, eat, play… ah, the life!

We had to take Liz to the school at 4pm for her last football game and we headed to the fish fry.  She was NOT happy she was missing the fish fry this year again – seems it always conflicts with football schedules in the last few years.  Poor Lizzie! 

We had a good time while there, Butch was flying kites and I was helping the gals with the fish (no complaints, as we get all the gossip while in there too!).. we ate and sat around and chatted by the fire late into the evening.  We were some of the very last to leave and got home about midnight – just in time for Butch to get Liz from the school after her return from the football game (they won!)

Sunday morning I woke up LATE – looked at my clock and thought – WOW – it’s LATE, then looked at the TV and discovered it was changed already – well, lookie there, it wasn’t THAT late after all – ha!  Good theory.  I really didn’t sleep all that long as compared to when I went to bed and when I woke up, but let’s just say that it was over 8 hours… but under 10  J  Ah, the life!!  I got up to find Angela still at home and not on her way to church as she had overslept as well due to our late arrival home the night before.  

We had another bummy weekend day lazing around, doing laundry and waiting for Butch’s 15 bean soup to finish in the crock pot – it smelled SOOO good cooking!! 

I did a few more coats of paint on my projects – and even took a BEFORE picture of a few of the new ones (finally remembered).  Ran to Lowes for more spray paint… let them dry one more time then moved them all into the garage along with my car.. yes, it’s true, the car is STILL in the garage.. now to keep it that way J

Today…. Sinus headache… what’s up with that?  I did notice late yesterday there was a front or something coming through as it clouded up like it was going to rain… I don’t think it did actually rain, however.  Hum.  This morning seems to be fairly clear.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Goal revisited

• Kitchen    • Tile in the kitchen backsplash
   • Paint the kitchen (ok, these have to go in order – tile first – THEN paint)
• Master bathroom
   • Paint the ceiling with the new ceiling paint I just purchased
   • Paint the walls to match the brown in the potty room.
• Have the living room painted (by someone else)
   • I would LOVE to get some crown molding put up at the same time….
• Trees:
• Install screen door
• Paint the front door frame
• Sprinklers:
   • Find the sprinkler box UNDER the ground from when the wall was put in a year ago…
   • Get the new sprinklers laid
   • Borrow the trencher and put the new sprinklers

I think I first published these goals about a year ago... but look they ARE getting done.  I'm still toying with the kitchen color.  I think the current goal is to paint the laundry room first so I can see if I like the much BRIGHTER color for the whole room, or if I should tone it down for the main room.

So there it is in writing - PAINT ... starting with laundry room
how about I just get the laundry done today instead?
Yeah... that sounds good.
I did accomplish another coat of paint on a LOT of little projects outside today.. so that is something... not really the end goal, but something :)