Sunday, April 17, 2016

Weekend escape to Savannah (AKA Liz's belated 21st)

This weekend I went and kidnapped Liz for a night in Savannah for a belated birthday weekend.

First up - think Liz needed new shoes? She got a great buy one get one half off so she got some sandals too. Bonus!

We shopped. We ate. We shopped a few more stores then headed for the hotel. I did a Priceline name your price. I managed to get the Hyatt Regency. in Historic downtown for 55% off advertised price. Saweeettttt!!

Liz would agree!!

Atrium view. Nice. Would have loved water view. Should have upgraded. Oh well.

Going downstairs to find some dinner.

Strange sights along along the way!

Rather creepy. Apparently Luz is wigged out by this. She refused to go down there for pictures.

THIS is funny!!!

Our thoughts on the matter :)

Why is Deadpool here?? It's a comic con of sorts.

And then this was the view at dinner. Hahaha!!

Then what are two girls of the world to do when they're out in the town and it's cool outside? Go back to the hotel to watch Zootopia on pay per view. :)

I woke up a few times during the night. Once at 2am when the gruff kicked in with a super loud compressor noise. Then again at 3am with some drinks coming in for the night. Oh and once more at 7:30 with the neighbors who felt the need to converse loudly with the door to their room open and the hair dryer running on high. Fun, fun, fun. I was in full vacation mode and rolled over and went back to sleep eventually. We took our dear sweet time getting up, ready and heading out.

We headed to the outlet mall in Pooler to find a dress for Lizzie to wear to a wedding this summer. She sound the perfect one that will go day or evening. :)

We then made our way back to Statesboro the back way and chatted in the way home. :)

A fun weekend.