Wednesday, December 3, 2014

We have passed inspection!

After the whole issue with the gas line pressure leaks and such, we have officially passed inspection as of today!  I'm so excited!


Sally was a God-send to be there for the inspector today.  I had been getting a crown yesterday when my phone started ringing and it was Butch... I answered told him where I was and that I would talk to him later and then promptly turned the ringer off.  Sigh.  I then proceed to miss four calls - all of them important.  Sigh.  One from the plumbing company telling me that they would be doing the inspection between 9am - 12pm today, one from Sally telling me that she could be there for it (thank heavens), one from Mom and Dad and one from Liz.  Good grief!


To my defense, I was numbed to my eyeballs from the crown and didn't come out of my drunk talking numbness until about 7pm that night... so I'm not sure I would have dashed down there regardless... however, this morning at 6am I was sorely tempted to make the run... but then thought better of it as it was pea-soup foggy here and remained so for HOURS after the sun tried to come up.


I'm thrilled to say the least - now to get the water turned back on, the gas hooked up and the appliances running (heater and hot water heater)and tested... we'll have HOT water in the house now - what a shock to the system THAT will be!!  I've been washing paint brushes in cold water for the last few months at the house.  It wasn't so bad in October, but let me tell you what, in November with the colder temperatures that cold water is SHOCKING first thing in the morning - even if it is just on your hands :)


So... next up is drywall, then flooring... and the list goes on and on and on....but we're moving right along.... slowly, but moving along!