Saturday, January 18, 2014

Just call us the Clampets

Two of these:

One of these:

One of these:

One of these:

Looks like this:

When a husband packs it up for the consignment store - sweet!!

And so it begins

The new bookshelf full!!

The HOLE where I am cramming most things for now...

The lonely twin bed with some art awaiting the placement once the new queen bed is purchased.

The desk that will be next to be replaced.

And the progression moves forward this weekend. Maybe a trip to Ikea and the purchase of a queen bed? You never know ;)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Target clearance finds.

I say each year that I will NOT buy on Christmas Clearance but Target is EVIL and always has fun treasures for me to find!!

Sweet scissors for $.50 each. Can't resist a good pair of scissors. I got three and left some for other bargain hunters.

I also found the illusion Scotch Tape this year which is good because I have. Kid with a tape fetish ;)

I found washi tape simply by the grace of being tall and being able to see that there were little rolls if tape in the box on on top if the shelf. Sweet. I actually got 10 rolls total. Only two if the solid gold however I guess the gold rose wasn't popular.

Cookies. Cookies. There were a few other varieties and chocolate that is not pictured.

My personal favorite. A poker set for $1.99 cheaper than a deck of cards (ok a very NICE deck of cards, but still!)

And finally there were a few new friends for a coworker. ;)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Vain thoughts

Oh, wait those should be vanity thoughts...
During my horrendous upgrade the 3rd and 4th - and continuing through the 9th I haven't had a minute to spare. This is about the same time that Mom and Dad had a large water leak in their house taking out the their bathroom vanity and wetting the house pretty good on that end. I was RIGHT on the first day of the deployement of software.
Yeah.. Poor Mom and Dad didn't get ANY help from me. Butch went out there to help take care of what he could as well as there were also SUPER freezing temps as well with a whole 24 hours plus that didn't get above 20 degrees - for Georgia that is RARE. The good thing is we had NO rain during that time so it was freezing rain - thank goodness!!
Anyway, poor mom and dad were not only without a bedroom (it was torn up to move beds and end stands, etc.) they are without a master bathroom AND without water thanks to the super freezing temps. To top if off, there was no-one to be able to call because during this time frame, I'm in the middle of a horrible deployment that lead me to have 35 hours of overtime (really I get comp, but who's counting?) during a 6 day period... with one whole day off thinking oblivousely that the upgrade went just fine on Sunday... yeah, nothing like working two work weeks in a matter of 5 working days... NOT good, not good.
NOW that I'm out of my oblivion I'm able to help mom and dad a bit more and OMG, what a mess.
They are doing good, they got the whole thing cleaned up and dried out, but getting the repairs done in the amount given and NOT going into the deductible, that is another matter. Fun stuff.
NOW there are a few kinks in here too - the cabinet that we have to replace? It's custom - what?? Yes, it's only 30" tall. They don't MAKE them 30" tall anymore. This would not be an issue however the lovely home builder who built the house GLUED the mirror down so in order to stay under the deductible we're just not left with a lot of good options - 1)build a custom vanity 2) remove the mirror and most of the freaking drywall 3)repair the current vanity (only the back , the bottom and the right side have much, if any damage. Where are we right now? Yep, repai the current vanity. We'll see how well that goes as most of it's in good shape... reinforce the bottom and put anew back on it (partial, I'm sure) and we'll be off and running again. AND we're able to have Steve come out and asst with the fix so we can get things moving along and done in short order - by this weekend, we're hopeful to have them back in their bedroom and bathroom and have it all in good order and with only the insurance money spent.
We may need an extra prayer to get to that point... but we're on our way to that end.