Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Target clearance finds.

I say each year that I will NOT buy on Christmas Clearance but Target is EVIL and always has fun treasures for me to find!!

Sweet scissors for $.50 each. Can't resist a good pair of scissors. I got three and left some for other bargain hunters.

I also found the illusion Scotch Tape this year which is good because I have. Kid with a tape fetish ;)

I found washi tape simply by the grace of being tall and being able to see that there were little rolls if tape in the box on on top if the shelf. Sweet. I actually got 10 rolls total. Only two if the solid gold however I guess the gold rose wasn't popular.

Cookies. Cookies. There were a few other varieties and chocolate that is not pictured.

My personal favorite. A poker set for $1.99 cheaper than a deck of cards (ok a very NICE deck of cards, but still!)

And finally there were a few new friends for a coworker. ;)

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