Thursday, December 22, 2011

Paint, paint everywhere... and an organization backfire!

What do you think?  We voted the VERY pale yellow - what do YOU say?

I got a can organizer (or two) and I'm not sure it helps when you have SOOO many cans to begin with!  And boxes - oh, my!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ice Skating with the kiddo's!

Skating fun - for most of the 8 kids this was the FIRST time they had ever been on the ice.
This is the 5 girls - three I brought, two met us there - two more joined later... and we also had three boys with us too - a good crowd of teens!
Where am *I*?  I learned my lesson with roller skates.. I was in the bleachers having a nice chat with Ms. T :o)
 NOT speedy, but in their defense... they did speed up eventually!
And no picture of Angela - she decided today would be a great day to start ditching photo ops... sigh... here we go with THAT stage!!
LOOK - a CAR full - and I do mean full - every single seat was taken!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wild hairs and lost minds...

Why lost minds too?  Well, I think I'm officially loosing my MIND.
I go into Goodwill, find a treasure (see below) I buy said treasure for $25 plus tax (bonus!).... I head out the door to put this in the car... I unlock the car, I get the seats all folded down and for the life of me can no longer find my kids KEYS  (thanks for the correction was stuck on partial KID fault!).. what the heck?  Did I have them in my hand and decide at some moment that it was just too much trouble to keep hold of them?  Where did I finally find them (AFTER dumping my treasure on the ground and breaking off a corner - insert wailing and crying here)??? UNDER the VERY back seat.  Apparently in my rush to REMOVE the head rest some child decided to wrestle out of it's hiding place under the VERY back of the car and put on -which it's NEVER on so I can drop the back seat at, well, the drop of a hat... goodness.... talk about loosing my mind!!  I thought I was going to have to have Butch get my keys from home and come get me... now THAT would be a pickle.

Anyway, keys found, mind still lost and pretty little treasure made it home and put back together with glue and a clamp.  Whew!

After a bit of sanding, and I'm thinking I rather LIKE the distressed look and may not even paint it.. what do you vote?  To paint or not to pain?  Think of it as french shabby chic...
what do you think?

 All that is needed are some cute glass knobs - Target here I come!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Projects for the last few weekends.

Last weekend I got the wild hair to finally remove the boarder in the kitchen in prep for painting.  I started on the opposite side of the room and turned around to find Butch up to his elbows in the deconstruction... to which he fesses up that he HATES construction, but the deconstructing and tear down is so much fun.  Sigh... So, I had a little help and a few places to patch as well.  Ah, well - the boarder is now gone, gone, gone from the kitchen.  Believe it or not BOTH girls are sad to see it go.  I have to admit it does look a bit naked without it up there...

 And today, I finally put my my saying for the laundry.  I'm still unsure if I like this version...
but I can always change it out if it doesn't grow on me :D
How appropriate that the floor is FULL of laundry?  ha!