Thursday, September 4, 2014

Furry visitor

I looked up and saw this squirrel with one paw on the window staring at us! Ha!
I had to tell Butch not to scare him and I managed to get a picture before hope disappeared. Then he was back, but this time I could see he had just laid down...

Zoomed in a bit...

I sent Angela upon the table and she could see him stretched out watching to world go by :)

So we such out to get a picture of him chillin. Ha! Funny little guy as long as he states put if my attic :)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The work is done for the weekend. We ended up working outside today on the fence line taking out all the shrubs and the chain link fence. HARD work as the fence had grown into the trees and roots after so many years!

Poor butch pulling a plastic bag out of the saw in pieces after it hit sucked in from the edge if the fence. There's a lot of leaves and junk in there. Yuck!

The after picture. All the chain removed and the excess shrubs removed and hauled to,the street.

Overlooking his domain.

The final parting shot of the kitchen.

Soooo nice to have it open now to get the electrical moved over and the flooring done. Peninsula installed and it will be a nice kitchen/dining room. We only gained 6" by removing the wall, but it should make it feel bigger on the long run. Brighter if nothing else!!

The wall and cabinet remains from that side of the house. Along with pallets from the shed out back.

The shrubs from the fence row.

The house is looking loved ;)