Saturday, July 27, 2013

Butch is home from diving

His haul from the Baja California wreck. Hasn't seen the light of day since 1942. Pipette was found inside the green bottle so the dropper eroded over time. The stoppered bottle still has what appears to be rubber in it. Cool finds.

Daily activities

Another Fun Furlough Friday passes.

This one was productive as well. Went with mom to get her car washed and vacuumed. That place had fumes SO bad I think lighting a match may just have exploded it!! I got and almost instant migraine started. Yay :(

We went to Michaels and I made it out without a purchase, thank you very much ;)

Then Wal-Mart where I promptly bought my fav sinus meds.
Then Aldis and home to get the girls.

We picked up lunch for dad and everyone and went to their house to share lunch with them!

My list of "to do" was short for mom. Pack up an item they ordered and get it returned. Packing it was easy - return, not so much. I sat on the phone for 25 minutes on hold to get return instructions. Nothing. They give an option to give your number and they'll call you back do we left a number. I hope they call back and return instructions are simple.

I then went out and tied up tomatoes again. They are very weedy, but producing OK. We didn't know his method of planting so they're not as big as his typically are, but there are some on the vine
I helped get a large limb on the top of the burn pile too.

Then we headed to the house as I had folks coming over to swim and Angela needed to get ready for Guard Camp.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Why is it?

Why is it when I see the above job opening on line I always thing of the guy in the assembly line with a hammer banging on bomb heads??

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Georgia Mountain Getaway

My coworker and friend Karen was nice enough to invite the Ashwood's to share their vacation house and adventures with them this summer. 
We were up in Clayton GA for Wednesday night (would have gone sooner, however, Angela had band/color guard practice this week - darn it!)  We left right after work and headed up...
...and hit Atlanta Traffic and the storm coming up from the left side got us as well :)  Oh, well, could have been worse, we still made good time and got there in three and a half hours.  Good thing too as it was VERY interesting to find. The GPS insisted it was "there" when it was FAR from there... it was however at the end of the paved road.  I guess that is as far as Betty (the GPS) wanted to go :)
The drive in - starting on paved road...

 Found out this place is on sale via Zillow - a mere $589,000 however it does have a grass landing strip a hangar and a VERY nice house!  Sweet, I was just in love with the benches and swings on the covered bridge going TO the house!
 Another deceiving property - at the top of this one is a house that is about $275,000 don't be fooled there are $75,000 homes father back in the dirt sections :)
 Over the bridge and into the dirt road section for the last half of the ride.

 Next to the VERY full and fast stream.

 Favorite road sign on the way into the house!
 The house.  It's really Big - yes even with it being on a hill, it's very big.  Upstairs are three large rooms with two baths and an office/playroom (all are VERY large - we had Angela in the bedroom on a blow up bed along with a dresser, two nightstands and a king bed and there was a walk in closet and plenty of room to spare to get around everything.  The main floor had the living room, kitchen open area and the master bedroom/bathroom and the screened wrap around porch along with some open decking as well.  Downstairs was a TV room, with enough room for a pool table, exercise gear, bathroom (full) and another room with a ping pong table in it.  open porch running all round the outside of it.  The back had a three car garage and a steep rock garage up to the shed that held the tractor, firewood and such.  Above that was the waterfall as well as an "upper" yard of sorts with a tree house that was the bug house according to Liz.
 The driveway up..
So the first night we relaxed and played some pool and ping pong.

 Karen and Chris playing darts

 relaxing on the screened porch
Thursday morning the girls and I struck out on our own to go horse riding.  No one else was interested, but pointed us to a wonderful place to ride that offered "river" rides.

 Liz had Bailey, Angela was on Sadie and I was on Rex.

 LOOK I got them to turn around and smile for me!!!
 toes getting wet on this section - it got fairly deep .. but felt so good!!

 Blue heron just to the left of center

 This is how Rex rode the whole time... nose in Sadie's bum - hahahaha.. poor Sadie.  Good thing she didn't seem to mind and it kept her motivated to keep on going!
 Bailey had some serious "go to hell" looks on this ride, he would all of a sudden turn around and GLARE at Sadie.  you can tell she's is soo concerned about this, eh?  Ha!

 LOOK - proof I was THERE!!!!

We then headed up to Highland - where mom and I went when we went to see the leaves last year.
  We walked around the cute downtown then headed home... we got side traced at an alpine slide for another half hour or so!


 Oh, yeah, I went too!!  it was a blast!

Friday was the planned day for white water rafting...  We'll let the pictures speak for themselves

 The crew: Joe, Chris, Nate, Kathy, Matt, Clyde, Leah, Liz, Angela, Meagan, Donna, Jennifer
The only one missing was Karen :(

This was a GREAT trip!!!
Saturday a few went Zip Lining.  I was too large to go ;(  Angela was too scared to go all the way through with it :(  next year we'll both do it!!!

Only ONE war wound and it was from horseback riding and LIZ earned it!
What I woke up to every morning at 7:00am... yes, that is SUN streaming in and NO blinds on any of the windows there... weird.  Only the bathroom upstairs had a curtain.
On the way out of town we had to stop at Goats on a Bridge... it was right beside where we would turn around on the highway to get to our road... so we had to go and look.. no, really - goats on the roofs...
 and on the bridges between the roofs...

 and this is what is UNDER those bridges...
 and where the girls ar... hahahaha 
 no, really they are off to one side..
We did make sure we stayed out from under those walkways!!!  EWH!!
And with that it's back to reality.. :(