Saturday, July 27, 2013

Daily activities

Another Fun Furlough Friday passes.

This one was productive as well. Went with mom to get her car washed and vacuumed. That place had fumes SO bad I think lighting a match may just have exploded it!! I got and almost instant migraine started. Yay :(

We went to Michaels and I made it out without a purchase, thank you very much ;)

Then Wal-Mart where I promptly bought my fav sinus meds.
Then Aldis and home to get the girls.

We picked up lunch for dad and everyone and went to their house to share lunch with them!

My list of "to do" was short for mom. Pack up an item they ordered and get it returned. Packing it was easy - return, not so much. I sat on the phone for 25 minutes on hold to get return instructions. Nothing. They give an option to give your number and they'll call you back do we left a number. I hope they call back and return instructions are simple.

I then went out and tied up tomatoes again. They are very weedy, but producing OK. We didn't know his method of planting so they're not as big as his typically are, but there are some on the vine
I helped get a large limb on the top of the burn pile too.

Then we headed to the house as I had folks coming over to swim and Angela needed to get ready for Guard Camp.

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