Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Living a "Charmed" life...

After getting back from this trip, I realize I live a very good and adventurous life.

Really, how many people can say they have been to all the places that I have been?  I had traveled more than most by the time I was 29.  I had been to Australia and New Zealand when I was 25.  I then went to Europe with my cousin a few years later and backpacked from Paris, France to Sorrento, Italy and back again.  At 29 I was lucky enough to have gone to Europe to live and was able to travel to Egypt while there to dive in the red sea as well as go to the Netherlands to see the tulips… and many places in between with Oktoberfest and all the things that go naturally with living in Europe.  After putting or traveling shoes back on over the last few years we have been to St. Thomas, Alaska as a family and I was able to take a solo trip to the United Arab Emirates to see friends there. 

After we had moved back state side after living overseas, things did calm a bit on our travel, however to our defense we did have two small children by then. 

Liz was lucky enough to be dragged all over Europe as an infant as we didn’t let her age deter us – she was able to see London and parts a little north at the military base there.  She has played in the dirt of Pompeii and swam in the ocean near Pisa.  How many kids can say that? 

This last trip was fun to take her back to those places and let her see the things she has no memory of as we left when she was 2.

I believe she has the wanderlust in her blood and will want to see more of the world… I sure hope so – it’s a mighty big world out there!

Where do I want to go next?  India… or Greece.  Debby talked to me while we were there about a house rental  on a small Greek island.  Now THAT sounds like a true vacation. J
Still on the bucket list (and has been for YEARS) is an tour of the Rio Negro via boat.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Job hunting

Air Force Materiel Command




Supervisory Inventory Management Specialist (Emerging Leader Program)



Supervisory Logistics Management Specialist (Emerging Leader Program)


Air Force Materiel Command

Operations Research Analyst, DR-1515-2/3/4


Military Sealift Command



Forest Service

Program Specialist


U.S. Air Force - Agency Wide




Well, I was shot down on a few more jobs while I was gone… sad, but true.  I’m down to those seen above.  I was kicked out of the training leadership job possibility – however, qualify for a job there still .  Strange.

So, time is still marching on and things are a-changing at work.  We’ll see what happens on the rest of this for the guys.  They have something worked out with our local contractor and headquarters, so I should still have support, but less of it if they move up to support all three Centers,…. Oh wait, we’re complexes now.  Sigh… things are sure in an uproar all over the place, eh?

Did I mention I’m ‘oh so happy’ to be back at work after two weeks away?  Hahahaha!


Sunday, June 24, 2012

And I'm back...

I had three foot of growth on the wisteria. I had to have Butch get out a ladder so I could get up to reach the top and weave the new growth through the top rungs of the pergola.
The grapes are fuller and have more grape shape in the fruit.
And regretfully Butch's lawn mower had an engine blow up on him while I was gone. So here he is zooming around the backyard on his new mower. ;)
And the triple deck planter that didn't survive my absence :) Small price to pay for a wonderful two weeks :)