Monday, August 1, 2011

First day of school

Entering 7th grade
In her own words, now in the MIDDLE of the food chain!
Entering 11th grade
Scary that my "baby" is now a Jr! 
 The only time they're together now for school is the bus ride in the morning.
 What LIZ really feels about this whole "summer is over" business!

Day 5 post - op and almost back to "normal"

Not too happy after a HOT day on the band practice field to catch up on what she missed with the tooth removal.
maybe she won't flub it all tomorrow at "official" band practice?  Hum... follow the leader Liz, follow the leader!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Inspirations and projects

well, after spending three work days home two of which timing ice packs, so not really having time to settle in and DO much, I started surfing blogs.  I found the following inspirational blog:  She does some phenominal work... so I got to thinking about an item in my house that doesn't quite "fit" in the color it currently is...
In my burgundy and brown room, this one is just too WHITE to fit in properly, so the seeds of the idea were struck.  and the transformation began! 
First painted red to be more in fitting with my room:
Then antiqued and put in place: