Monday, September 14, 2015

50 things to be grateful for at 50 years old

My card from work said “Make a list of 50 things you are thankful for”...

So here goes:

I’m thankful for:

1.       Butch - that although he lacks in planning, he's here and indulges my whims when it comes to the tiny house (buying, fixing, decorating)

2.       Elizabeth - for being a great college student

3.       Angela - for being my favorite child (we joked about this over the weekend - don't worry, Liz was there too)

4.       My Mom – for always being my sounding board

5.       My Dad – for always jumping in on silly projects without a second question or thought!

6.       My MIL – for being a great MIL and now neighbor to the tiny house

7.       My sister – for inviting me to go on a trip half way around the world with her – I’m so excited to do this with her!

8.       My Brother David – for calling and checking up on the folks with me (yes, even if you do spin me up on the subject – ha!)

9.       My Brother Robert – although we don’t talk often, I’m grateful he will be coming out to spend some time with Dad to give Mom a break to go to the AGW with the rest of us!

10.   My relatives – who humor me with AGW and are always willing to drop everything and come join when they are able!

11.   Janet, Gail and Brittney for being my scrapping buddies!

12.   My job – that allows me to do the things I would like with travel, playing and the tiny house.

13.   The tiny house – believe it or not, it has been a fun treat to work on it – although it took long than I ever anticipated, I know it’s there and available to use to have fun, bring friends down and enjoy some time in the sunshine state!

14.   Travel, the places I have seen and the fact that I stretched my wings when I was younger and struck out on a trip to Australia

15.   Begin able to dive the Great Barrier Reef – what an experience!

16.   My continued love of travel and ability to do so… next up India!!

17.   My back yard.  I know that sounds simple, but really it is a little slice of heaven out there sitting watching the world go by…

18.   My new car – it’s a nice new member of the family for sure!

19.   My old trustworthy car “Bertha” – she is going strong even though college life is hard on her (more dings!)

20.   The knowledge to get a stick shift car to train my girls on – as they want to travel the world and learning a stick shift is paramount to their life goals to stretch their wings when the time comes

21.   My girls’ ability to LEARN to drive a stick shift and not complain too awfully much

22.   The opportunity that I have had to live in multiple areas – Las Vegas for the diversity and the things I got to learn while there

23.   The opportunity to work with Travel Exchange and get some wonderfully inexpensive trips out of the bargain (to include my honeymoon flights)

24.   The opportunity to travel to Korea to see Butch while he was stationed there (twice)

25.   The opportunity to live in Italy

26.   Being able to see Oktoberfest in person (twice!)

27.   Being able to see the tulips in bloom at the Keukenhof gardens, the outer areas of the Netherlands, the cheese factories, all sorts of tourist stuff in that part of the world

28.   Being able to travel to Egypt to see the Valley of the Kings in person, so dive in the Red Sea, to see parts of Egypt when things were relatively ‘calm’ in that area

29.   Having a wonderful daycare “mom”  who I’m still in touch with today – who took my baby in like she was hers

30.   To live in Utah for those years, even though I don’t like the snow, it was worth it to be close to family

31.   To have moved to Georgia and have Butch get the jobs he has had since moving here – they have been a wonderful financial support and made our lifestyle possible

32.   The house we live in currently, even though with kids moving out it’s starting to seem bigger and bigger

33.   The fact we have room to have Liz and her friends from colleges away from here meet “in the middle” and crash at our house – and they WANT to!

34.   Work friends.  I have found I have more than I thought I did over the last few months and it’s a nice feeling

35.   My job again – in that I have enough leave to do what I want without too much outward planning and a last minute trip to Guam only requires a phone call and a little juggle of not taking leave during xx week to make it happen without strapping me for leave

36.   The fact that I will have the opportunity to GO to Guam as I have wanted to go since Damian and Tandy got there!

37.   Angela’s impending “Sr.” trip next year – it has been nice to dream up places to go and things to see on our trip to come

38.   that I switched to the job I have currently

39.   that the new coworkers are very personable and friendly and welcoming

40.   for my free sandwich from Firehouse subs today – lunch was a whopping $3.00

41.   that Butch is getting treatment today instead of being buried from his accident during diving last week

42.   that medicine has come as far as it has

43.   For massages every two weeks and insurance to pay all but $20 of it – and I’m so looking forward to it this week!

44.   For the fact my kids are huggy, lovey girls even though they are older now

45.   For my hot tub in the winter

46.   For my swimming pool in the summer

47.   Friends who can relate to me and my daily life at work and at home

48.   Long distance friends who make me smile when I hear from them via email and Facebook – those that I can just pick up where we left off and be good no matter the amount of time in-between

49.   Wow – suck again!!!  I should be 25 as that is where I stopped the first time! So I guess I’ll be thankful that folks still look shocked when I TELL them I’m 50 today!

50.   The fact I MADE it to 50 – the things I have done the risks I have taken in my life… it’s amazing I’m still alive at this point in time!