Sunday, July 19, 2015

A productive weekend

Ok this looks weird. But it shows that all of the cabinets have knobs :). While installing the knobs we were removing the drawers and taking them to the living room in preparation for the countertops in a week or two.

Pretty knobs!!!

The kitchen in review ;)

Repainted the floor under the sink. Goodness in the few weeks after it was painted originally it got gross. I guess this is a hint of things to come. I'll see about getting some stick on tile to go under there.

Ah, new cabinet painted and installed and looking great!

Enough pictures of the kitchen?? Ha!! Can you tell we're excited to be prepped for counter tops?

I should have taken a picture of the newly painted (primer) wall in the hallway as well. Whoops! I was dashing through the house taking pictures as we were packing out.

This is the view on the way out of town... BIG storms. I ran through two big rain storms on the freeway and another Mariana. I turned driving over to Butch and took a nap...

And woke up to THIS view. Hum, not much changed... Ha!