Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Score on summer clearance

Ok we all know I LOVE 90% off and wish these had been in that category however I am happy with 70% in this case. HUGE beach towels for $3.38 each. Whoop!!! I love Target clearance.

A few things @ 90% were found as well

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Moving in early

Lizzie's roommate Kayla was able to move into the dorm on the 7th because she's in Band Camp (flags). Since Lizzie is rooming in a two bedroom dorm with her she decided to help her move in and found HER room unlocked. They each get a key that will unlock the apartment and one bedroom for security.
A plan was hatched to 'beat' the system and move the bulk of her stuff into the dorms a week early and here we are. I totally spaced getting a photo of the fully loaded car! The red wagon made short work of the load and we got it up there in two loads. Sweet!!

Making her bed

Tour of the apartment. Living room:

Kitchenette. The two doors you see are the girls rooms. Kayla's is the first one, Liz's is the second.

Bathroom sink area with Miss Kayla! Shower is to the right, potty to the left:

Shower. No picture of the toilet room as everyone knows what a potty looks like ;)

When we were driving out there wasn't a cloud in the sky. We commented on it as we couldn't play I spy. Then look what we got on the way home!

AND this is how 90% of the drive was for me with lack of copilot. :o/ hum.

So next weekend is the official move in and Lizzie's experience with college begins in earnest :) what an adventure!