Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Angela's Christmas concert

She is ... Just to the left of Mr Shaw (teacher/conductor) you can only see the top of her head. Poor Angela. I have to say this is the first Christmas concert I have enjoyed the music as they were all recognizable songs and tie tappers ;)

see the person just to the left of the microphone stand in the front row?  That is my little flutist (yes, wearing a red tie)!

Little brunette head to the immediate left of the microphone stand, with read tie... two tiny heads to the left of Mr. Shaw :)

Great show Angie!!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Tree this year

Simple but cute (yeah, yeah, yeah the ladder is still out)

Cute silver pine cones. Only two if these drat it!

Huge silver stars 12" diameter.

Cute acorn bird houses. I think there are 10 or 12 of these - so cute!

What you can't see:
Christmas threw up in my living room over a week ago and I'm too bah humbug to do a darn thing about it!!

Why yes, that is Carl from walking dead on the screen ;)