Saturday, May 14, 2011

For love of my BIG yard! And yardwork too!

I decided I should be documenting Butch's work in the yard...only to come out and discover it's RAINING out there!
 Little ones were good and got out as soon as they heard thunder - and started to blow bubbles!
 Then it REALLY started to come down!!
 Butch decided to make a run for it *(Run Forest, Run!)
 An hour or so later and EVERYONE is still enjoying the yard - the big girls playing Boccie Ball in the back....
 The husband still working on his ditch - diligently
 And the little ones back in the pool for more sunny fun!
And where is the Mom?  Working on vinyl today - see the vinyl page :)

The "recovery" (such that it is...)

** note you can safely scroll down ONE page before you get to the gross stuff of the ear**
Look Ma - No stitches... it's been gooped up in this picture, so a little greasy from vitamin E or antibiotics... I can't remember which on that first day.
 Insult to injury the lip with a BIG cold sore.  As of today it's officially GROSS looking with a scab.  The good news?  I know it's almost over with now... scab is the sign that you're almost at the end of the misery.
Ok, you're on the cusp of getting to the gore - do NOT scroll down anymore if you have a week stomach.  It's not looking good and it's made worse by the goop from the antibiotic creams.  I need to take another from today as this was Thursday afternoon.  Maybe after my shower this morning I'll get in there and take another.  It's still bleeding on and off so I don't think it's "looking good" as the doc said.  I try to stay off of it... I try to be aware of what side I'm sleeping on - making for restless nights and it really is tender after being under a bandage for a solid week... being somewhat naked made it rough the last two night sleeping...

ON the plus side, I'm back to enjoying my GLORIOUS wonderful rain shower again :)  It's the little things in life isn't it?
I TOLD you it didn't look pretty - add to it the "goop" in my hair.  GAG.  Then again, this is the first day "in the open" after being in a bandage and having not been rinsed off in the shower either.
It does look a bit better after a good shower, but I swear it's "indenting" a bit more as time goes on.  I don't know if that's normal or not, but it looks horrible.  :(  One more week of stitches and I'll go back again to see if it's healed enough for them to get those stitches out.

You can see the "donor" sight on the back of the ear... it's a bit lumpy, but all in all looking good.

Easter - gone, but not forgotten

Easter was so low key this year, I didn't even remember to bring a camera, nothing.  I was on the mend still and not quite all "there" yet...
Angela got up and went to church with her girlfriend and I was invited to the mothers day breakfast there... but just couldn't manager to talk myself into going as I was on the "limited' hair washing and just felt gungy still  - this was the day I talked Liz into washing my hair later in the day as well... so it did get better :)
AND we went to dinner at Mom and Dad's house.  I managed to make some funeral potatoes for the girls.  I'm still seeking a good recipient.  I have tried a few, however none are that great yet..
The girls were surprised with an egg hunt just as we got to mom and dad's - and they were off!!

 Both diving for the SAME egg!

 Liz coming back with the final egg - the one with a $1 bill in it :)
There were little words of wisdom and change in the eggs.  It made for a fun start to the hunt.  Each also got a basket with a single egg with $5 in it from this Easter Bunny and a stuffed bunny as well as a chocolate bunny.  Liz chucked her "empty" egg at me when she shook it... I told her I would GLADLY take it back - ha!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sunscreen and misspent youth

In the early 1930's, South Australian chemist, HA Milton Blake, experimented to produce a sunburn cream. The founder of L'Oreal, chemist Eugene Schueller, invented the first sunscreen in 1936. In 1944, Florida pharmacist, Benjamin Green invented a suntan cream in his kitchen that became Coppertone Suntan Cream. In 1980, Coppertone developed the first UVA/UVB sunscreen.

So comes the question – why did we never use it when we were kids?  Hard to know… maybe it’s because it’s touted as giving you a better than, not protecting you from the sunburns.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers day to all!
These flowers came yesterday from my girls - how pretty, eh?
However, the best present was for Liz to help me get my hair washed today :o)  Really is the little things in life, isn't it? 
Angela invited me to a breakfast at the church, however, 3 days of only dry washing just isn't something I enjoy in hair... and I now have a HUGE lip from a cold sore as well.  I tell you, it's insult to injury.  I guess my poor body is in an uproar from being sliced and diced and is going to tell me all about it.  You would think it could find a better way to express how disgruntled it is.  Ah, well - Lip meds and washed hair and this too shall pass.  I'm just too much of a mess right now to go out in public.