Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday update

I have nothing....sad, I know. I should... Mom and I went to find the body shop recommended to her... They're not open on Saturday. We'll go back Monday lunch time. So today was a morning jont to get moms car back to her. I didn't have a set if keys - woops!! Then a trip to see dad...a drive home...a bit of nothing after that....
So here's moms "newsy" letter...
I’ve been telling everyone that Dad won’t use the telephone and Robert called me to tell me to tell Dad that there was a BYU game on TV today and I told him that Dad doesn’t watch TV. Then I look at the answering machine a little while later and there is a message from guess who? Dad.
Donna that I was going up there on the freeway and if the light fell off the car, so be it. She suggested that I tape it on! Why didn’t we think of that before? So I got my trusty duct tape out and taped it on and off I went.
The reason I wasn’t home when he called was because I went to Wal-Mart to find strawberry Ensure and small puddings and Jell-O in hopes of getting him to eat something.
Then when I get there guess what he’s doing? Watching a football game on TV. So needless to say, he’s feeling much better.
The nurse did get him some meds to calm his stomach and he said he ate more breakfast and lunch than usual but just picked at his dinner while I was there. He didn’t want the stuff I brought except for the Jell-O so I left some there for him and will take some more tomorrow. He tasted the pudding and said it was OK but didn’t want any then so I left some of that too. That’s OK though as long as he’s eating better I’ll not worry anymore. The nurse that brought his dinner in tonight said she would have the dietician come in and talk to him so she can see that he gets what he likes. I brought Honey Nut Cheerio’s but he forgets to tell them that there is some in a bag on his end stand and they serve him plain cheerio’s with lots of sugar on it. Yuk. But he said it’s hard to think when they wake him up to feed him early in the morning. Donna came up about 3 and we were talking away and look over and Dad’s sound asleep. His hip was hurting him so he finally called for a pain pill and it put him to sleep. So Donna left and I laid on the other bed and took a rest for about ½ hour until his dinner came.
He was so happy to have a rest from the all day PT. They did do about an hour’s worth in the morning but he got to lay in bed and relax the rest of the day. He’ll have tomorrow off too.
He got sucked into a football game at 5:00 so I left to come home. I had planned to leave at 6:00 and should have because as soon as I got on the freeway it started pouring down rain and rained hard all the way home until I got to the peach county line as usual.

Mustache you...

Nice 'stach, eh?

My thoughts from Friday and a note from Mom....

To my defense, I have NOT had a computer for a very long time, so updating with a lot of "talking"   Pictures, yes, typing, no... it's hard on a cell phone.
Last night I got my disk restore from Dell - about time, that was a goat rope and a half.  I had put in the order via phone for a restore disk and they sent an EMAIL confirmation of the order and when I didn't respond, they cancelled the order.  DER... think I didn't respond because I didn't have a computer.  Dorks.  So, this time, I did it on line and did a link - and the disk finally got here.  WHOOP!  I started it setting up last night, but left to go visit Dad with mom.. Thursday I didn't get over to see Dad, I had kids here there in football games and practice.  So I stayed home, let Liz take the car to practice and caught up with poor Angela a bit.  So - the computer is now functional and getting loaded with all the necessary software... just one more task in the long line of tasks....

My take on the visit Friday was that dad is tired, but working towards the rehab and getting things moving on rehab and getting out of there.  The issue with the nausea is being addressed as of last night - the nurse is going to give him some meds that should help with the nausea, they'll time it before lunch and dinner in an effort to get his appetite back up and calm the nausea.

Anyway, this is what Mom has to say about the whole thing:

Dad was about the same last night, getting a little upset (which I think is one step better than depressed) with his condition but that is to be expected. Donna brought a Cribbage board but he wasn’t quite up to that yet but hopefully soon. He’s so tired and his muscles are sore after PT all day that he just wants to go to sleep. He said people come and stay too long and he’s not the type to be rude so I told him to not talk to them, slowly close his eyes and drift off to sleep and maybe they’ll get the hint. I don’t know though, Donna put a note on the hospital door to please keep their visits to 10 minutes because he needs his rest but they still stay a half hour or more. You get 2 or 3 visitors like that and it runs into hours of visiting. . I wish I could see what he’s doing in PT but they won’t let anyone visit during the day. He still won’t eat, hasn’t got his taster back and gets nauseous even smelling the food when they bring it in. I’m going to go shopping today and find some strawberry Boost or Ensure and see if he’ll drink that. I keep forgetting to tell the nurses that he drank that in the hospital. I’ll look for some little sugar free puddings too because they gave him Boost pudding in the hospital but said it was too sweet. I tasted it and it was way too sweet. We explained to the nurse about his nausea last night and she said she’d look into some medicine for it. But I know she’ll have to talk to a doctor before she can give him anything and it’s the weekend. So another waiting game. He’s lost 30 lbs and will keep losing if he doesn’t start eating. He looks good and that’s what he weighed when we got married but he needs the food for energy.

I drove over to Donna’s house yesterday and went with her to see Dad. She’s going to bring my car home today and we’re going to go get an estimate on getting it fixed. I turned too quick backing out of the garage Thursday ran into the side of the garage and did a number on the front fender and light. Mum’s the word because I don’t want Dad to hear about it and worry about me. The insurance deductable is only $250 and I get a free rental car while it’s being fixed so that’s not bad. I can drive it around town but the light is loose and I’m afraid to get on the freeway because it might come loose and fall out. It’s like my car’s eye has been knocked out of its socket but just loose and not dangling and the lights and signal still work. There’s also a dent in the fender and the bumper so they will both need to be replaced. Poor Slate (that’s my car’s name). I talk to him all the time and thank him for being such good dependable car then I beat him up. Ha.

Mike came over yesterday and mowed the grass and it looks nice. We’ve had lots and lots of rain and everything is growing including all the weeds. The YW are going to come on Wednesday night and weed Dad’s garden. I know they don’t realize how bad it is so I told the leader that they just need to do the tomatoes and peppers and maybe the YM can have a project for cleaning out all the rest that’s through producing. After they clean it all out I’ll have someone till it all up.

Everyone has been so kind in offering help in my time of need. I haven’t had to ask for much so far but I know that I will need more when he gets home. It’s good that it happened now after all the gardening, freezing and canning has been done and the grass won’t need mowing for much longer and we can concentrate on getting him well during the winter months. The back right signal light on the car went out and my HTer replaced it for me and when I needed a ride to visit Dad on Thursday a very good friend had previously told me that anytime I needed a ride to see him she would be glad to take me so she did. (Donna wasn’t able t go that night). My LDS neighbor up the road called and told me they were here for me anytime if I ever got scared at night or heard someone prowling around call them before I called 911 and they’d be here quicker than the police. That was so thoughtful of her. I put their number in big letters on the wall (clarification - it's on paper) by my bed so I won’t have to find my glasses and look up their number in the ward list. That gave me peace of mind even though I haven’t felt scared (yet). My Baptist neighbor came down for a visit the other day and commented on how good our church is about helping people, even not of our faith. So people notice. I am so thankful for my church friends.

So that’s it from here for now.
I love you all very much.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Angie's dress from Belk

Cute, eh? Wet head an all after her shower ;)

Last nights events

I really love this convenience store now. :) this is also my new favorite sign!!

After seeing dad we spotted a pretty rainbow

Then a trip to Belks "going out of business sale" in the OLD Macon mall. These were not purchased however fun to try in ;)

My baby is all grown up!


Very classy, eh?

And last but not least an article from the paper on Monday about the hospital dad was in. It really is/was a good hospital.

And there you have it. What we really bought was a cute maxi dress for Angela and this dress for Liz

Looks better ON.
And a very nice wool peacoat for Angela - a $250 coat for $50. Even then on a growing child I made sure it fit Liz too as she's done growing and worse case she inherits it if/when Angela outgrows it ;)

FW: Dad update

On Sep 5, 2012, at 9:52 PM, "Martin and Marilyn"  wrote:
I have very good news tonight. Dad is doing much better, he's breathing better, his urine is clearing up and he actually can move his leg a little. I know Donna's blog yesterday didn't sound like he was making much progress, but what a change today!! When he first went into the center some ding-a-ling mentioned it would be a year before he would be back to normal and I thought that was a stupid thing to say to someone laying in bed, paralyzed on one side and very depressed. But then the nurse today said something like 3 weeks goal on going home. Of course we know he won't be back to normal then, but at least that's a goal and he has improved a lot in just 2 ½  days out of the hospital. He said he really didn't have much therapy yesterday, they mostly just talked to him, but today they put him through the ringer. He was ready for sleep by 6 both nights. I just hope he doesn't get visitors later on as the visiting hours are 4:45 to 9. I'd hate for people to drive all the way up to Macon and find him sound asleep and I'd especially hate for them to wake him up. He needs his sleep.

I've had a busy two days. I told you about yesterday and today I did errands and went shopping some more for clothes for him. Now I have to go back and exchange things tomorrow. I tried to find a robe for him but  stores don't carry them until winter. He said tonight that he didn't really need one. They didn't put his shoes on him today for some reason so he said he had sore toes from them rolling over them and stepping on them. His shoes were in the closet so I put them out on the floor with socks tucked into them so they'd see them tomorrow. He still hasn't got his appetite back but Donna said  one of the side effects of Cuminin is lack of appetite and nausea and he said he felt nauseous after eating a few bites tonight. I should have remembered to tell them that he will drink strawberry boost, that should help. He told the nurse that he would trade his bowl of pineapple for fruit cocktail so she got some for him.  So some of the nice nurses try to please. She even went back to his old room and found his deodorant that got left there. It's the little things.

While he was in the hospital he said he wanted me to give the jalapeƱo peppers that were in the fridge to 3 different people. I never got around to it and figured they were rotten by now but low and behold they were still good so I delivered a couple of baggies today and will dililiver  the other one tomorrow. I found out my right turn signal was out on the car so I asked Dennis if he'd fix it for me. He's a mechanic. So tomorrow I'll go to the car store and get a bulb and take it to him to fix. That is the first thing that I've had to ask for help with but I'm sure there will be many more times before Dad get better. So I'll do that, go to the store for milk, to Wal-Mart to exchange some stuff for a larger size and deliver the last of the peppers. Then it's back to the center tomorrow evening. Today I talked to the case worker and had some questions answered and he made notes of my concerns (very nice guy). Thursdays they have their weekly meeting with the nurses, therapist, doctor and case worker to make decisions and goals and he said he'd have more to tell me then.

So that's all for tonight. I love you all and will try to keep you abreast of things now that I have some time at home.

All very true and I think Mom and have taken turns being the "negative Nelly" and, well, Tuesday was just a bad day.  Now fast forward to Wednesday night and it's all true.  He's even LOOKING much more chipper, however Mom did say that he really perked up with the girls and I arrived.  I had a plan for yesterday – get Liz from school and dash to Macon to see Dad, let the girls see him again, as the first time they saw him, he was in the hospital.  Even though at that time he was MUCH improved from the first week, he was still on the lower side of improvement.  Yesterday, however, made them feel MUCH better and happy about how Grandpa is progressing and seeing that he could move his leg was a shockingly good thing!

It wasn't SMALL moves this time of just the toe and having it stop after a few small moves, this was the whole leg from the knee and done a few times with a lot of thought and effort.  So, things are healing in the noggin' and connections are coming alive again.  Slowly but surely.

Go Dad, Go!

We didn't stay long and Ill post another post on what we did after we left Dad.  We took the opportunity to dash out when the doc came in to discuss blood in his urine… yeah, that was a good time to take kiddo's out of the room.  J

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Rehab is BAD in that they make dad sit for three hours between PT sessions.

Rehab is GOOD in that they make dad sit for three hours gaining stamina and building muscles sitting in a chair between PT sessions.


It’s such a double edged sword.  You know it’s good for him, and yet, the empathic side wants to make this easier for him… the logical thing is to just suck it up and know he’s building stamina as things are going.

The only other issue that still concerns me terribly is that 1) Coumadin levels are high 2) there is blood in his urine again.  There is still an issue with mind and body working in conjunction to give ample notification to allow hand and body to get together to make everything come together to get urinal in place, and get things “done” in the right order.


I know in my heart of hearts it’s killing him to have to do the things he has to do at this point.  It breaks my heart to see him so down hearted at where he is right now.  I need to be a better cheer-leader and reinforce the fact that there are bigger things still going on in his head. 


Bigger connections being made and the others, in time, will come.  It sucks for now to be this dependant on others… but the reality of it is, walking and coordination and BIG muscle things are taking over the brain function for now.  You don’t really want to compare him to a toddler, but really that’s where the brain is… the brain is in the mode of trying to get BIGGER things in order, get new paths.  With toddlers, the reality is, potty training backslides when the big muscles are in work, when other learning is going on, some things just take a backseat. 


It’s harder when you’re an adult, and you KNOW what you can/should know how to do in regard to that level.  And, let’s face it, more than a bit humiliating to be in this situation.  How can you balance the knowledge that this is short term with the anger that this is going on in your head?  How can you support an aging parent to let them know that this isn’t the worst that could happen – you SAW the worst when you witnessed the stroke. 


There are MUCH worse situations.  They could be strapped in to a bed, drooling and unable to speak a coherent word.  Potty problems are NOT the worst that could be…   It’s such a sucky fine line right now…


Really, really sucky.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Dad has escaped...

Well just the hospital for now. He's in Central Georgia Rehab Hospital now - room 410. Visits are limited to 4:45 - 8:00 but I think in the beginning he won't make it to 8:00 if they work him as hard as I think they will.

It seems like a nice facility and I hope they take great care of him and get him improving daily.

I think dad really needs to see some improvement... It would sure lift his spirits if he can see some improvement.

Keep him in your thoughts and prayers for continued improvement so he can make it home!!

Backyard flowers

I'm finally getting color in the back yard and building on it slowly.

Sure wish year would bloom together. There is the bright red and some pink. The red is my favorite however found the pink in the clearance isle at Lowes - a new favorite clearance area! Silly people don't you know these plants bounce back and will be beautiful? It's how I got half the daisies. Can't beat $.29 each!

These too are rescue plants the closer one had a harder time bouncing back however joined its twin in blooming finally!!

Wisteria is going crazy!! Grapes. Well, they may have to go they have seeds and are tough.

This is a start from dads plant. Loves where it is and is taking over the pot ;)

My potato plants are blooming. You would have doubted my sanity buying the at $.25 because they were barely twigs with two or three leaves. Look at them now! The other rescues in with them not doing quite so well. But that's life with rescue plants. Some work, some don't.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The verdict is in on the stones

They are oxalate based.
Do you know what foods are high in oxalate? shows you all you wanted to know.
Now the mystery is solved as mom and dad grow pecans.... Yep guess what is high in oxalate... *ding*ding*ding* you guessed it - pecans. Whoops. Guess pecans are out from now on!!