Thursday, September 6, 2012

Last nights events

I really love this convenience store now. :) this is also my new favorite sign!!

After seeing dad we spotted a pretty rainbow

Then a trip to Belks "going out of business sale" in the OLD Macon mall. These were not purchased however fun to try in ;)

My baby is all grown up!


Very classy, eh?

And last but not least an article from the paper on Monday about the hospital dad was in. It really is/was a good hospital.

And there you have it. What we really bought was a cute maxi dress for Angela and this dress for Liz

Looks better ON.
And a very nice wool peacoat for Angela - a $250 coat for $50. Even then on a growing child I made sure it fit Liz too as she's done growing and worse case she inherits it if/when Angela outgrows it ;)

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