Saturday, July 8, 2017

Colposcopy report

I found out that they weren't using a cute nickname fir Dr B. Her name WAS Dr Bi. Ha! Funny!

So without cuter pomp. The results are suspect...
The did biopsy and pictures in ALL of the following places

So the super suspect area is around #17 area. Now, if you WANT to see pictures I will send them to you. Let's just say it's NOT all pink and pretty.

So. I asked if that area turned out to be malignant will it change the overall game plan and the answer was no, however they may resect quit a bit more. As in resect from about #29 through #16 or higher. Still will be able to put me back together in the end (yes, punny)

The sizes remain the same 5cm on the defined malignant area already identified. And 20mm on the new area. So. It looks HUGE in the pictures, but it's not changed, it just has a "face" and a name now. Now we evict!

The scoop procedure on the 20mm one at the splenic flexure will happen on the 11th. Yes, next Tuesday. The full surgery will follow once they get the pathology from the scoop.

They wanted to schedule me for the 11th of August. When they told me the date I said yes, then had the epiphany THAT is Angela's move in date for college. I burst into tears and told them there was no way that I could do that date! That poor lady on the phone! After I calmed down down she assured me they would find another date.

What I ALSO found out is that this diet is NOT doing me any favors on the emotional forefront. It's known to cause emotional upheaval. Yeah, great, thanks doc. Insult to injury at this point!

So..there you have it. Another cleanse. Another ride to Jacksonville, BUT Butch arranged a trade with a coworker to use his house and trade for use of ours in FWB when they want. Works for me! Not happy about two plus days off work. Hoping I can get a few hours in Monday morning. The work some after hours. Time to request to borrow sick leave, I guess. Sigh. It's going I run out QUICK at this rate.

A bright spot(s) is that I get to NOT do the horrible prep. I get to do the Dulcolax/Miralax combo - YAY! No more salt water! Whoooohooooo! AND I get broth again as well as jello (possibly) the house doesn't have cooking facilities (?) suspect already! I hope it's not bathroom is pit of commission out of two. Hum...we shall see if this is a tolerable place to sleep or not!

Silver linings even with prepping 😜

Thursday, July 6, 2017

One small step for me....the other shoe

Aaannndddd the other shoe drops. Never ever use Dr Hellwege.

This doc Dr B cute small Asian lady, found TWO more polyps one removed. One will need special procedures. I even woke up at the end of the procedure and got to see the bastard. It really isn't pretty.

Dr Landman called as I was sitting g outside waiting for my ride. He was talking to a drugged woman just out of colonoscopy, so memory is foggy. In the end Butch drive up and I handed the phone to him to ask his questions as well. I crawled in the back of the car and was OUT!!

Butch seems to think it's another cancer but smaller. It will require another colonoscopy but a specialized one to remove it. Then the big surgery following that. Every effort will be made to avoid ostomy. And the saga continues. Better to know now.

The doc there in WR sucked for sure!!

I missed a call from Mayo apparently to schedule the follow on appointment. I was sleeping and my ringer was off 😁

I'll call them tomorrow to set that schedule.

I slept ALL the way home. I got in the car and slept until Valdosta. Got out, peed, had a shake and went right back to sleep!! Slept until we got off the freeway here. Zzzzzzz. Drugged sleeps are good!!

One small step for ME

This morning I had to get up early as I failed to finish that damn prep the night before. Urp!!!

I got up. NOT ready for a colonoscopy. We'll let your imagination fill in that gap, thank you very much!

I drank the other half of the liquid from hell. Success!! In the meantime the sun was rising and I got to appreciate the view I couldn't see in the dark!! 😄

And rewarded myself with the clear soup from the night prior that I got to go!!

Yummy!! 👅

It really was a great room with a GREAT view. Too bad we didn't get to fully enjoy the day!! Oh well, another time.

Then off to my first meeting. Oncology. Why does that word just strike fear in a body? Well it did, but I calmed down. I asked my questions if the PA then she and the doctor went to see the scans and review them with radiology.

The doc came in and told me that it all looks contained and if there are nodes involved they are near ones. He didn't feel that it was necessary to do chemo radiation first but to take me straight to surgery. Then follow up with chemo after.

Great news!! He said it wouldn't give much, if any benefit to even do chemo first. Won't change my odds regardless. Ok. Works for me. Trust the experts.

So with that they cancelled my 10am with radiology! Yay me. They will contact Dr. Landman and fill him in and discuss with him the choices they are making on the chemo and radiation front.

Yay me!!!

Sad when surgery sooner is a plus, right? So next appointment is dietician. Then colonoscopy at 2:30. Then the nap on the way home.

No idea when surgery is. No idea how long I'll be in the hospital and no idea if I get an ostomy yet. Baby steps. Baby steps.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Mayo day 1

Well prep this morning was traumatic. Invasion number one went OK. I suck at doing these. Zero control. Can't hold anything in. Sigh TMI I tell ya!! Invasion number two went OK but there was BLOOD. Yikes. I messaged the clinic.

They just don't see bleeding as an issue unless you are losing too much blood.

So off we go to the clinic. We went to our "tonight" hotel to see where it was. It's close and Mayo is super close to the bayou and the beach as well.

We headed back to do my blood work. That was done and we found we had 2 hours to kill. We went to a Goodwill. It was not a great one. We drove around and looked at the neighborhoods. It reminded me a lot of Southern California. Very nice.

Back to the Clinic.

The fountain in front of the buildings.

My view waiting for CT.

In for the CT. They left my IV port in for use at the MRI later.

The CT was quick and had contrast. They said that there would be a possibility of feeling very warm in my crotch like I had to urinate. That was an understatement. It felt like I already peed. Yikes! I didn't.

So off to the MRI scheduled at 4pm. That too was a hurry up and wait. I got here about 1/2 hour too early. OK fine. I waited. Checked in and at am still waiting at 5:40 as I type.

Butch is going down to pharmacy to pick up my colon prep for tonight. Fun fun fun.

And we wait.

I got called back for the prep when I first got in there I was so smart in that I had NO metal on me at all. Cotton sports bra, all cotton shorts. All cotton all day. Even my pony tail had no metal!! Then they told me what my prep would be. Gel inserts, yes, plural. Where you ask? Well one was to be vaginal. One was to be rectal. Oh friggen hell. So. I changed out to THEIR pants, thank you very much. Sigh. I got the pleasure of doing to more "personal" insert just before being called back at 6:11. Yes, you read that right. TWO hours late!!

So for those that have rectal problems I just want to say I'm VERY sorry for you!! The insult to injury? The vaginal, you know the one that can handle a larger tube? Yeah that one got the pencil thin insert. The bum?? Yeah. They hate me!! It was friggen HUGE (ok, bigger than the probe!) and the goo was BLUE. Really?? Blue goo. In. Your. Bum.


So. I get on the table. They fire it up. I get one full set with nothing. Doing OK even though it's a longer "tunnel" than the one In Perry. Still doing OK. Get a shot of something. Back in for another series. Yeah, back starting to hurt and you can NOT move. Period. Don't move your hips. Period. What is now killing me? My back bone at just above my coccyx or maybe it was my coccyx. Ouch!!! I still have one more set to do AFTER contrast. Sh*t. Sh*t. Sh*t. Hurting!!!!

Now should I tell you my pants are still dropped as they had me drop my drawers when I got on the table the did the deed? Yeah. So I didn't pull up as there was a pad under me. So. There I was in a huge amount of pain from my back. Holding as still as I could. And when they released me the first thing I wanted to do was pull my legs to my chest!! I warned the gal first, apologized and did what I had to in order to get the kinks out!!! Owie!!!!

I hobbled out. Super glad o had THEIR clothing on. Went to the restroom to change with a few wash clothes. Ugh!! Hobbled out to Butch. Then got a nice walk to the car... stretched it out a bit.

Then off to Chinese to get tea and soup. I didn't eat the chunks. Just the broth. And ordered some to go as well. I'll have that in the morning for breakfast ;)

And now I'm home at the hotel trying to choke down the prep.

Oh yeah! That is what I think about it all!!

And we have an ocean front room that I can't enjoy. It's too hot while drinking this crap to sit out there. Thanks. No. Too hot and humid for feeling full bloated and vomit like.

Urp I swear if I would just poop and prove I'm clear I would stop drinking. It's a THREE hour process that was delayed way too late and I'm freaking tired!!! It's 11am.

4th of July weekend

Not sure why Angela and I are always in selfies 😜

Lizzie is walking the dog back to the family... just walking the beach for sunset. Ahhhhh

We also went to Stewby's as its tradition. I got a Diet Coke 😭. That's OK it's just 4th hopefully I'll haven me some Stewby's!!