Thursday, July 6, 2017

One small step for me....the other shoe

Aaannndddd the other shoe drops. Never ever use Dr Hellwege.

This doc Dr B cute small Asian lady, found TWO more polyps one removed. One will need special procedures. I even woke up at the end of the procedure and got to see the bastard. It really isn't pretty.

Dr Landman called as I was sitting g outside waiting for my ride. He was talking to a drugged woman just out of colonoscopy, so memory is foggy. In the end Butch drive up and I handed the phone to him to ask his questions as well. I crawled in the back of the car and was OUT!!

Butch seems to think it's another cancer but smaller. It will require another colonoscopy but a specialized one to remove it. Then the big surgery following that. Every effort will be made to avoid ostomy. And the saga continues. Better to know now.

The doc there in WR sucked for sure!!

I missed a call from Mayo apparently to schedule the follow on appointment. I was sleeping and my ringer was off 😁

I'll call them tomorrow to set that schedule.

I slept ALL the way home. I got in the car and slept until Valdosta. Got out, peed, had a shake and went right back to sleep!! Slept until we got off the freeway here. Zzzzzzz. Drugged sleeps are good!!

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