Saturday, June 22, 2013

No more days of vacation... I went back to work :(

I went back to work and Nick and Kaylee left about 10 minutes before I did... bright and early! 
Robert left a few hours later and all of a sudden the house got VERY quiet for the girls. 
I cheated and didn't go home early that night, I wasn't ready to give up the party so the girls and I headed out to dinner with Mike and Linda as well as Mom and Dad.  I took them to Dad's favorite Chinese restaurant then we went to their home to visit one last time before everyone had officially left Georgia. 

What a FUN staycation this proved to be!  I sure hope we can do this again in the near future!!  Such fun!!

Day 8 - Wednesday

Today was the day that Gail and her family left for home.  Linda and Mike along with Kaylee and Nick drove them to ATL and went to the Coca-Cola factory while up there.  They seemed to have enjoyed their jaunt to the city. 
Robert went to Mom and Dad's for the day so the girls (to include Sarah) enjoyed a very quite day at the house.  I guess it was good to break us into starting to loose folks and getting quieter and quieter!
The girls and I picked up food from Metropolis and really enjoyed a little Chicken Tiki-Masala and Butter Chicken along with some humus  - yum!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 7 - Tuesday

We were to work on the downed limb today at mom and Dad's house.  Because Angela had guard practice, the girls and I stayed at the house until I went to pick her up from the high school and missed all the hard work... darn! ;)

 Everyone listening raptly to the story of one-eye, two-eye, three-eye from Nick.

 and all the flowers that were transplanted in front got a good watering after the fact as well.  The week has suddenly gone to lots of afternoon showers and clouds.  NOT the way to end my staycation, but nice, none-the-less.
More pictures from mom - Robert with chain saw - varrrooom!!

 Sarah dragging limbs to the burn pile!

 Mike drilling a hole to install a light switch to be separate from the ceiling fan/light switch already in place
 Nick and Mike hard at work with electrical

 relaxing after

 girls and their electronics
 adults and their electronics
 Height comparison... yes, Angela has shot past them both!!
 I think there were some tiptoes and or sucking in of breathe to get taller involved... but Liz is just barely (I'm biased!) taller than Linda - however we all commented that she could be mistaken for one of Linda's crew easily!

Day 6 - Monday - Lane Packing

The group at Lane packing watching the peaches go through the line.  I didn't realize they would be going through this early in the season, but they were in full force!

 The tour that wasn't.. we filled the bus, only to be told that due the them spraying the trees with pesticides we would not be able to take the tour.  Poor Robert this is his second failed attempt at going on the tour here at Lane!

 We did have a nice lunch and visited then headed to the house where the rest of the crew loaded back up and went to Andersonville.

 This is how the guys spent their afternoon instead!  :)  Much better option and after I finished whatever I was doing, I did the very same thing!
And Poor Butch, who just got home had to head back out to Baltimore again!!

Day 5 and apparently I stopped taking pictures!

Sarah ready to go to church
 Me drinking coffee on the back porch - the story of my weekends, and apparently this week as well...I really DID enjoy my vacation from work, lemme tell ya!
 Mandy ready for church as well
Regretfully this was the day Mandy and Janet headed back to Utah and the rest of us took the day of rest to heart and really were just lazy bums... slept, ate and enjoyed the day.

Linda hosted dinner of Nacho's and Mexican Salad - very tasty! and we had a game of push the dummy while Linda and family took a drive around the area to show Nick and Kaylee around.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day Four - Saturday

The "official" pool party - like that's NOT what we have been doing all week already?
Mike taking aim!
 Carolyn K and Linda enjoying the sun
 Jonathan getting even for all the squirting he's been taking!

 Nick - blub

 Robert showing how a jackknife is done.

 Ok, last time we were all together we were comparing hands, this time it's toes to figure out where Liz (left) gets her toes from... could be that she sort of matches Roberts feet (right)?  Nope, not quite... guess she's going to start her own trend on toes!
 Jonathan doing the swim "walk"

 Ah... a nap by the pool, nothing beats a hammock with it's own umbrella!!