Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mom and Dad's 60th

Exodus Photography came out to take the formal pictures of the event they can be found at this location:

is the group shot with everyone who was able to make it to the party - what a GREAT turn out!

If you would like to order pictures from the event, let me know and I'll get the order placed for you.

Candid shots coming soon - Robert and Linda had their cameras out during the event, I was trying to keep everyone informed on food locations and keeping everyone organized and moving!

Candid shots from the event - these are totally out of order and Mom will have to help me with the names of non-family members!!
 Linda and Liz - don't they look like they are in the same immediate family?
 Nick and Kaylee!
 Dad talking with Dennis
 Butch made it back just in time for the pictures and all the fun for the weekend!  Yay Butch!
 Caroline also came in at the right time - just in time for pictures and visiting for the weekend - wish she could have stayed longer, however we completely understand farming needs when it's hay time!

 Just a funny awkward shot... Liz had been doing a cartwheel just before this... looks like Angela is cartwheeling off her back, doesn't it?

 Best Buddies!

 I'm out of order as I'm getting these from two sources!
 Robert and Janet
 Gail and Johnny
 Deep in conversations...

 getting ready for the family shot, it would appear!

Volleyball game!



Linda Liebhardt said...

I think I would be afraid to play volley ball with Sarah!! JK
I'm sure she wouldn't spike it down anyone's throat or anything. You have some good candid shots of lots of people!! Thanks for getting it posted. I'm home and this is the first time I've seen all these. Can I order a 33 and a 36, please? (picture numbers). I think those are the ones. I'll let you know via email if I remembered the numbers wrong. :-)

Suzanne said...

Those pictures that the photographer took are GREAT! What an amazing keep sake! Looks like it was a fantastic party. Your parents must be so appreciative of all you do!