Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 7 - Tuesday

We were to work on the downed limb today at mom and Dad's house.  Because Angela had guard practice, the girls and I stayed at the house until I went to pick her up from the high school and missed all the hard work... darn! ;)

 Everyone listening raptly to the story of one-eye, two-eye, three-eye from Nick.

 and all the flowers that were transplanted in front got a good watering after the fact as well.  The week has suddenly gone to lots of afternoon showers and clouds.  NOT the way to end my staycation, but nice, none-the-less.
More pictures from mom - Robert with chain saw - varrrooom!!

 Sarah dragging limbs to the burn pile!

 Mike drilling a hole to install a light switch to be separate from the ceiling fan/light switch already in place
 Nick and Mike hard at work with electrical

 relaxing after

 girls and their electronics
 adults and their electronics
 Height comparison... yes, Angela has shot past them both!!
 I think there were some tiptoes and or sucking in of breathe to get taller involved... but Liz is just barely (I'm biased!) taller than Linda - however we all commented that she could be mistaken for one of Linda's crew easily!

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Suzanne said...

Wow, that is major pulling together to help your parents out! Love how much you guys all got done!