Sunday, June 16, 2013

Day Four - Saturday

The "official" pool party - like that's NOT what we have been doing all week already?
Mike taking aim!
 Carolyn K and Linda enjoying the sun
 Jonathan getting even for all the squirting he's been taking!

 Nick - blub

 Robert showing how a jackknife is done.

 Ok, last time we were all together we were comparing hands, this time it's toes to figure out where Liz (left) gets her toes from... could be that she sort of matches Roberts feet (right)?  Nope, not quite... guess she's going to start her own trend on toes!
 Jonathan doing the swim "walk"

 Ah... a nap by the pool, nothing beats a hammock with it's own umbrella!! 

1 comment:

Suzanne said...

Your pool looks like a stinking resort! I'm thinking my family should fly to your house next summer and take a road trip from there instead of here! Hmmmm. Would that even be an option? I just may have to ask you to have us for 5 day! :)