Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 6 - Monday - Lane Packing

The group at Lane packing watching the peaches go through the line.  I didn't realize they would be going through this early in the season, but they were in full force!

 The tour that wasn't.. we filled the bus, only to be told that due the them spraying the trees with pesticides we would not be able to take the tour.  Poor Robert this is his second failed attempt at going on the tour here at Lane!

 We did have a nice lunch and visited then headed to the house where the rest of the crew loaded back up and went to Andersonville.

 This is how the guys spent their afternoon instead!  :)  Much better option and after I finished whatever I was doing, I did the very same thing!
And Poor Butch, who just got home had to head back out to Baltimore again!!

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Suzanne said...

Looks like fun even though the tour never happened.