Sunday, December 17, 2017

I know it will grow back...

I know it will grow back, but REALLY. Ya can’t be nice and not come out in clumpy areas??

THIS I can see daily. I’m aware I’m thinning desperately in the bangs area and right at my ears. Those have been getting thinner and thinner...

But this??

This is why my kids are telling me NOT to cut my hair. It’s super patchy at the back. Yuck.

So. For now the pony tail and the buns will hide the patches until they start to sprout some new hairs.

Also explains how I can have gerbil sized hair balls come out two or three times a week and hamster size in between. Now I know where it’s coming from!!

And it’s time to wear wide headbands or something!! Nawh, kidding only tall people can see it for now.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Surgical updates

Well the gallbladder will put me off by a few more weeks than planned. Surgery now tentatively scheduled for the 6th of Feb. booooo hissss hisss booooo

Dr Landmann wants 6 weeks recovery between surgeries. Ok. Fair enough.

Pre-op will also be shuffled out a bit as it had to be close to the actual surgery date.

Not sad about the pre-op as it was the 3rd of January - weird timing but OK. So. End of January beginning of Feb we plan reversal events. Fun fun fun.

It’s sad when the pain and attacks are enough to encourage you to put off your much desired reversal date. But it is what it is and if the attacks don’t stop when you do low fat... you give up and opt for surgery. Sigh. I don’t want to be I that much pain again, thanks!!


What will I miss from Chemo??

Fast growing STRONG nails.
Anything else? NOPE!

Two weeks plus out from last chemo and
I wanted a treat. I got a small chocolate shake and fries from McDonalds. Do not question a gals cravings - EVER.

Ok the HANDS are not over cold sensitivity, but the mouth IS - whoop!! Whoop!! Small victory!!

I got home and Angela looked at my treat longingly. The good news is that the tummy only holds so much right now anyway so she ended up with the last 1/2 to 1/3. Bonus for both of us, eh?

All because I had to go take a kid to Honda to pick up her car. Which, BTW is STILL broken! Their diagnostics sucked!! Ugh. So it still cuts out and won’t start and still has fuel issues. Crap, crap, crap!!

So back to Honda it must go today. Guess I’ll go get a kid to get up and take it in now!! Car’s necessary evils :)

With her new job Liz could sell Steve and get a new car.. eventually. She found a Honda FIT that was a stick that she
Would love to have. Now to get the first paycheck to see if she can afford it.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Surgeon scheduling called

Pre-op today.
Surgery the 21st (or sooner if they can fit me in)
Barring problems should be fine to go to FL for Christmas (maybe)

Last night I was getting chills all night. BAD chills!! I had on a fuzzy robe, sweats, fuzzy socks AND a blanket (and a child on my feet!!). Still had chills. I finally went to bed at 9 and put a doubled queen comforter over me AND the sweats and fuzzy socks still. Burrrrr

I finally warmed up when Liz came hollering into the room at 10. I was fast asleep!!

Stayed that way most of the night in part thanks to 5mg Oxy. Lol. Knocked me right out!!

Bag empty (wasn’t super needed as I haven’t really eaten yesterday but did one anyway) at 3am. The toilet seat was COLD!! I’m so tired of middle of the night potty breaks. :(

And now that I’ve chosen to go forward with this surgery. The reversal will be delayed at LEAST a week. Crap. Sigh. Don’t WANT to put that one off but honestly can’t deal with the pain anymore from my the stupid gallbladder:(


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Well this sucks.

I’m back to gallbladder pain. Damn it!

I was thinking I had been pain free for only a few weeks but really took was three weeks. Right before Thanksgiving.

So. I gave up, I called the surgeon and said it’s time. I’m back to pain. This SUCKS and I’m over it.

Poor pitiful me.

Friday, December 8, 2017

My life now...

Fleece jammies, covers pulled up, computer and TV on (there are fluffy socks under there too!!).

How will I survive going to work (physically that is)?

I like this warmth factor is awesome in the winter. My hands still have neuropathy - cold sensitivity is still going strong at 10 days out. I’m hopeful this will dissipate at two weeks.

What’s sad is I asked Kim about nose bleeds and will it end. She said she still has nose bleeds. Crap. Maybe some of this won’t end anytime soon.

I read on line that it may take a year for some of this. Well sh*t!! Fun stuff eh? I just need to make it to warm weather and being able to eat cold things again and I’ll be happy ;)

I like warm tea and all, but really luke warm drinks at restaurants gets old. Not that I go out to eat much either. That’s another thing that will be nice. Being able to go out without thinking “will I expose myself to illness too much?” Much less having the ENERGY to go out would be nice. Right now it’s a struggle to shower AND leave the house in the same day. Sad, I know.

That and planning shower AND bag appliance changes. Yeah. I’m just tired. I’m sure next week will look better.. .it typically did for treatments 1-4 then went downhill for 5&6. So. It may take a few more days to “bounce back” than before or maybe I’m just pussing out and giving into the whole cancer girl thing. Tired of fighting it all. Lemme just lay here and “be” for a while.

I have a mammogram on Monday to plan for and an appointment with my oncologist on the 22nd here locally. So, I can’t quite “run away” to unwind and recoup. Drat it.

We will head out to Sally’s this holiday season leaving Lizzie here at the house - she may come down for Christmas Day then head home shortly after.

I had been told by Mayo I would have testing on the 3rd of January and reversal on the 11th but have yet to get my appointment to show up in the portal. Maybe because the new year hasn’t started.

And so we wait. And wait. And wait.