Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Potty talk...

Today’s potty issues tested my sanity! (And my supplies!). I survived...but it’s so hard to get through to my boss just exactly what is going on without having to get downright gross...sigh. I finally got honest with just WHY I needs him to take over for me on visitors duties...meaning I was the escort...cause I kept having to dash out to the potty...sigh. He relieved me for five minutes..then dropped the visitor back in with me...yeah, not helpful in the long run as taking him to the front door lead to one MORE dash to the potty ...one more accident earlier than the last (end of my work day as well) and I would have been going home as I was on the LAST of my supplies. Sigh. Time to restock..

What I wasn’t comfortable telling said boss is my cubicle is super tiny having someone physically IN my cube when I’m having bowel issues is mortifying. I hope I don’t stink, but I’m having accidents as I’m dashing to the potty. Frequency is one issue, but there is also the issue of incontinence at tones as well, so squeezing past someone jammed in my cubicle with me is NOT comfortable for me.

Part of that is this individual and him not getting a clue that having him literally in my back pocket is NOT working for me. I’m wondering if there is an issue with spectrum or what...but it’s weird and not what I’m used to dealing with. Add to this, he’s really seeming to be panicking about every detail of his working fir the government will be. He just freaks about the details and isn’t happy with the fact that he will be waiting for a computer and access for a while. Im not sure I’m going to be able to hang with his quirks in my very, very limited personal space. See post here: https://donnasworddoodles.blogspot.com/2018/04/so-one-of-things-that-i-discovered-when.html
About how freaking tiny my cube is, then picture TWO chairs crammed in there and wondering if you smell of poop....yeah, fun times.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Flowers flowers everywhere

Ok not so much flowers as potential flowers?

The lemon is sprouting new leaves and is starting to bud again.

Not sure what this one is, but it’s little blue flowers come out every year without fail.

The iris below are getting ready to bloom and the petunias are looking a little battered from the rain we’ve been getting. - 1.25 inches over the last few days.

Love these Daisies and the iris on this side are blooming away!

New plant this year. Doing really well!

This one had a tougher start but looking good now, although a little pink rather than red (?) they were both red to start with. Wonder if the color is health related or soil? This side was a LOT harder!!

Day lilies getting ready and sending up flower stalks!!

My transplants. Maybe they will like this pot better? To their defense they were in the hanging baskets and as they were made out of coconut fibers the birds had pretty much destroyed the hangers making nests this year!

That’s my morning on the porch today. With a little weeding tossed in as I walked around checking on the plants.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Farewells...a little late...

so, yeah...I got my new job the 2nd week of March...and physically went to the new position the 1st of April...and my farewell was the 27th of April...yeah. A little delayed, but I was game for it...sort of. I’m not really hip on being the center of attention, but was willing to go after a friend informed me it wasn’t really about me, but about those I used to work with. Ok, I’ll buy that and really I DO miss the people.  I worked with the same group for the last 17 years. Since a January of 2002 I have been with what was to become IT on this base. Yeah, I know, it’s a shock to my system too to no longer be a part of that organization.

Anyway, here are some of the pictures from my farewell lunch.
Dave Poffenbarger picked out the cake. It was delicious. 

 All in all a great turn out

Dianne Smith and Cynthia Clarke

Janet Dowd in blue Debbie Deckert in Black, Vanessa Lurry and Willie Rice

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Angela’s move to college

Well it’s that time. Time to settle Angela into her first apartment in Kennesaw. I encouraged her to get a furnished apartment...year, that didn’t happen :(

So the car is loaded with a new boxed mattress, her cube storage unit (tallest thing in the truck) and a bed frame. Along with that was all her stuff from her dorm from last year.

And with that she’s loaded in and sort of settling into summer there, although she’s home again after staying north just long enough to go to three job interviews.  Maybe she’ll get a job this summer if she’s lucky!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Neuropathy, gardening and henna

I had gone to Lowes last weekend looking for plants and NOTHING screamed “buy me” so I left empty handed. This week I went to Home Depot and found quite a few plants to put in the ground!!

First the petunias! I had picked up the liners Ina whim AGES ago and just now put them to use! They aren’t the woven ones, they are like a burlap. Hopefully this will keep the birds from stealing them for nests!!

The other side isn’t as “full” drat it! But I’m sure they will perk up!

What is this spindly little twig? It’s my avocado tree. We shall see how he fares outside. I must have missed a few waterings as his main trunk died off BIT I plan on keeping him short and in a lot so maybe it won’t matter? Let’s hope not. I have another starting in the house as well so we shall see how far each of them make it!!

Then the side yard. This place never seems to do well so we shall see if these plants do OK here and survive. Please ignore the weeds. Last year was horrible and NO weeding had been done since VERy early summer of 2017 so I have a LOT to catch up on. I’m just not quite up to TONS of bending and pulling just yet so I work it a little at a time and poisoned this area once - this the dead things everywhere.

This should be PRETTY if it bushes out and grows!

This was a weird one. But what the heck. Why not, right?

And a cherry tomato

And a Big Boy. No literally that is the type this is :)

Then the neuropathy Home front. We are trying the henna. So far I think there is a minor difference in how much I’m feeling.

Not a huge difference but a little. We will try this as long as the henna lasts then move to acupuncture. Yep. We’re experimenting a bit on this.

Angela does a nice job on the decorative aspect of henna. :)

Why the blobbed dark spots? That would be MY waves. They aren’t as pretty as Angela’s :)

The true part that I’m after is the bottoms and the spot between the ball of my foot and my toes.

Feels like balled up socks there all the time. Or sand jammed in there. It’s weird. And my toes FEEL. Old all the time. Even though they are physically NOT cold. As in you can touch them and they are warm. Sigh. I guess I’ll just have cold toes for a while. Let’s hope not forever.