Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Throwing Pots week two

Week two had us at Rookery for dinner

Their burgers are GREAT and the battered fries are really worth it. Definitely worth going back again.

Then off with full bellies to throw some pots!

Lizzie and Leigh Ann working the clay!

Putting some serious work into getting that pot off the wheel!!

Happily starting a new effort ;)

Marking pots from last week!! Leigh Ann and I took this picture...

The looks I get when I take pictures. Bwahahaha!!

My two pots from this week and my two pots from last week in the back. The cylinder was the goal this week. The one on the left the teacher walked me through. The one in the right I attempted to “shape”. It didn’t work as well as I hoped but it was saved regardless!

Next week I will work on making a mug cylinder. This one was too big to be considered a mug!

First attempt at pour art

While Angela was here she and I made a first attempt at pour art. Monday I dropped by Michaels and picked up paint and canvases. The main goal was to make an art piece for Liz’s apartment. Thus the color choices of oranges, blues and gold. Note the cookie cooking racks and the HUGE black garbage bag AND I used my crappy noodles that were falling apart to create my paint pan! Worked like a charm!

There’s gold in there? Yep. There is gold in there.

Shiny GOLD in there.

And lots of fun swirls and bubbles.
BUT Liz said it’s too dark. Ok fair enough. So she will be coming over to work on another one with me. Good thing I got a two pack of canvases!

Monday, July 16, 2018

Sunday Family Dinner and other things

Sunday dinner was moved to Saturday brunch so we could have Angela with us. Angela came down to go with Liz to her tattoo appointment in Charleston South Carolina.

We chose to go to Dovetail ( ) for Brunch that turned into lunch as we were there at noon. It was pricey but so good. Liz has all the good pictures on her phone.

One was this:

They were yummy!!

She took pictures of food but didn’t post them. Dang her!!

Butch took this photo.

Are you seeing a trend here? I’m a slug when it comes to photos! I forget and just enjoy the moments. It’s just not worth it anymore to stop the moment to get a picture!

So! The food was DELICIOUS. I got a breakfast bowl with Smokey cheese grits (found out after that it was made with their pimento cheese) with ham and potatoes on top. It was Yummy but a LOT of food as we ordered biscuits prior too.

The biscuits were four tiny ones but you got some with garlic and cheese and some plain (we actually split the order in request) BUT you got pimento cheese with the garlic cheese and a bourbon and bacon infused butter with the plain ones as wee as honey and some berry jelly. All of it was YUM!!

When that was done we walked back to Liz’s place and said our goodbyes so they could get on the road.

I thought I was going to be sly and get to go to 7th Street Salvage... but they weren’t open. Dang it!!

Sunday I had my crockpot party. Honestly it was Barbara and I getting together to put together five meals from my plans I had on hand. Again no pictures. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I NEED to get better at taking pictures. We got it all together, BUT I messed up in one of the measurements and only got 1/2 the sweet potatoes needed. Whoops!! No biggie. We substituted regular potatoes instead ;). Mission rescued. BUT my kitchen is so clean and uncluttered that even Angela commented on it when she got home from South Carolina!

So. Liz’s tattoo. I have yet to see it in person as she found out that it can’t be visible at work - good thing she got it on her bicep, eh? 3/4 or long sleeves for her at this job. Sigh. Kids. Permanent decisions. She seems quite pleased with it.
Here is what it looks like.

It’s a nod to my Audrey (Stoma) blue ribbon for colon cancer and even has a hidden semicolon in there.

I’m still not thrilled she has a tattoo, but it’s her body, her choice. And it’s pretty color wise.

Friday, July 13, 2018

How am I doing?

*(as seen on Facebook)
So, I realize I do random "whines" about things, but not a whole picture...

So - the picture is this: I am getting better.

Ever twinge and ache I wonder "is this cancer coming back?" so I go get checked (the throat thing).

My body is still not 100% my own.. it still does what it wants, but instead of having a poopcidents (love that term and stole it from a lady on my support group) more than once a week I would say I'm down to about every week and a half... maybe two weeks if I am having a REALLY good span.

I do NOT eat right... well, I eat, and too well as told by my body gaining 10lbs, but I'm not eating the RIGHT things according to the docs and folks who know better. I have added lots of roughage back into my life, because, well, I LIKE it. I enjoy the flavors. Is it doing my bowels any good? Probably not... I go from what I would consider constipation (not going) for anywhere from 1 to 3 days then I have a few small poopcidents from lack of control - or clustering (going to the potty MULTIPLE times a day) to full on "purge" mode where I basically purge my WHOLE weeks' worth of whatever the heck I ate.

Are they horrible? No, not really... my body is still not fully absorbing water and forming hard stool... so things go smoothly, they just may not go much or too much... which then causes issues with the tissues... hahahaha - sorry, couldn't resist.

BUT this leads to a silver lining that if you have a baby I can tell you with certainty which baby rash ointment is the BEST on the market.

So.... how am I??
Fine, really. I have adjusted. If this is my life, then I'm cool with it... I work around it, I wear protection so that even if there is a poopcident, it's a blip in the day and I go on.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

First night of pottery

Ok this was really fun!

My friend from work Leigh Ann and I signed up for pottery. Lizzie decided to join in too! I had doubts at first if I should/would do it. SO glad I did! Such fun!!!

This was after I mushed a failed attempt. ;) it was even fun to mush too!! Mud everywhere!!!

My two keepers. Not too shabby for my first try at this!

Leigh Ann and I drove up, met Liz and went to dinner. Tonight was Sangs for Thai food. What’s funny is I had Thai for lunch too :)

I didn’t mind having it twice on one night. I just tried something different for dinner. Ha! We plan on trying a new place every week.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Weekend projects

Not sure what happened to my wife angle shot of the room PILED with junk. The bed was piled the floor at the foot of the bed was piled. I went through everything and with moved it to the dining room or put it away.

The “after” and I’m not REALLY done in there quite yet. I need to repair a door (screw popped through the back of the door for the handle)

Where it all went. Hahaha!
Yes we have a blanket problem.

AFTER! OK not quite done here either but what a difference!!

What is GOING to consignment tomorrow!! Yes tomorrow. Will it all fit in the car?

The answer is YES and it’s all in there now. This line bag is my goodwill bag to go in later!!

Angela’s room all empty. Looks weird.

I’ll still need to take a few more things to consignment but we shall concentrate on this load tomorrow first. Then do another later.

That was a LOT of work this weekend!!

It was nice to get everything out of the bedrooms and in one area. Then I could see just how many blankets we really had. Scary amount!! I still kept quite a few, because you know you always need blankets!

So. The car is loaded and there is even a bike in there I got off the side of the road ;)

So what all was in there??
Here’s the list!!