Thursday, August 25, 2016

Angela's birthday weekend

Angie decided she wanted to go to The Body Exhibit in Atlanta for her birthday weekend.

And while you're looking it up, you find you have called it the wrong thing forever. Oh well.

The plan was to go to Atlanta and since we would go around lunch, we would go to Gio's Chicken. What is Gio's? Only the BEST Italian place in Atlanta!! The girls and I discovered it on a trip to Ikea one time and we KEEP going back and recommending it to all we know.

The girls each got the panini. It's HUGE! Butch and I shared a 1/2 chicken to share. Should have known to share a sandwich too but we helped them by eating a bit of each of theirs.

From there we headed to Atlanta Station to the Exhibit.

There was some sort of Tennis thing going on as well. Interesting. We walked the mall a little after the Exhibit as it was shorter than anticipated. I would say I'm glad I went but wouldn't go again. Interesting in a morbid way.

It was still fairly early and we didn't want to go home so we went to IKEA. A store to get lost in. We spent a LONG time in there and left with a comforter for Angela and a few odds and ends for the rest of us. I know what chairs I'm going to buy for the little house now as well. (Eventually).

So after that we went BACK to Gio's but this time we went to the sister restaurant. Antico pizza. The best most authentic Italian pizza I have had!

Diavola (hot pepperoni) pizza for Butch and Capricosa (artichoke,ham,mushrooms) for me. Note those are served on HUGE jelly roll pans. Yes ours covered the whole ting and we ate it ALL!!
Like this

Yeah. I took very few pictures that day (the panini and the menu are mine. All others are borrowed from Yelp!!). I'm a slug. I was enjoying the moments!!

It was a very good day to be 17 :)

Saturday, August 20, 2016

New furniture.

It will be nice to have cushions that don't migrate off the front of the couch. No more collecting junk under and between the cushions.

We have recliners in the sofa on both ends and the chair is a rocker recliner. Very nice and delivered early!! Bonus!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Nekked living room




Nekked living room!! New furniture to be delivered in Saturday!!

Now to vacuum and shampoo the crappy spot. THEN we will be fully ready for new furniture. Same color and same layout but new furniture. Firm non-worn furniture. We won't know how to act!

Poor Butch looks lost without his furniture. I did ask before I sent it away early ;)

Sunday, August 7, 2016

First day of school

Angela was showering and much later than I am in the morning. Mostly because she doesn't have to leave the house until 7:15 or so. I leave the house before 6:30 on good days. So..this is the only shot I was able to get first thing in the morning as she was still getting ready.

After school how're we were able to get our pictures :). My Senior!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Coffee on the back porch? Check
Birds fed? Check
Ants poisoned? Check
Hot tub scrubbed? Check
Pool skimmer clog removed? Check (vacuumed too much crud off the bottom last night at once!)
Chemicals (dry) added to the pool? Check
Sweating my butt off before getting dressed? Check!!
Time to shower and really start my day! Not really. I have nothing on the agenda except what I just accomplished this morning. What yo do. What to do?

Well, I ended up going to the wax strip, then lunch and then to the grocery store. :) THEN I went to Lowes to get parts for Butch, came back home and helped him dig a hole for a valve box that collapsed a while back.

Got SUPER hot and decided to swim. BUT the pool is STILL recovering from its leak so it's filthy on the bottom. Since I had my dive gear out already I tossed it on and went under to get a GOOD vacuum done on it. It's beautiful now (I did take a fifteen minute nap on a float first)

THEN I had to clean the patio off because I bought some at Kroger. HALF off. Been wanting to change things up!! So. Now I'm sitting on the porch with my phone documenting it all. ;)

And here is the result

I moved the three piece set to the other side of the patio and set up this cute set that comes with footstools!!! Footstools y'all!! Morning comfort!! Ha!

The other side. I have a storage problem!! I know, first world problems where to store all my floats and toys. Ha!

Now my dilemma is what to do with the "extra" chairs!!

I LOVE my mid century ones but it may be time for them to find a new home. :(