Thursday, March 15, 2018

Conversational frustrations.

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it 30 time “at least they caught it early” and I wanted to scream.

Number one i have discussed my staging with very few people so just how do you know it was early? This bad boy was growing 10 plus years. Early for me would have been 10 plus years ago when this was just a pesky polyp.

Instead I answered “yeah, I’m in the positive side of the 60/40 split for 5 year survival”.

I know it’s mean but it’s good to see their jaws drop. Yeah. This is my statistical number, but you know what? I’m more than a statistic. I’m firmly on the 60% and going no where folks!

Then again if it rears it’s ugly head again I’ll do like I did this time, put one foot in front of the other and deal with it. Although this time I would ask a ton more questions with my tiny knowledge base and my HUGE reach back to the folks at (yes that was a shameless plug!)

Reflects on my time In Florida

My posts make it seems like I’m doing fine 99% of the time...and really I am...then I have days like today and the 10th and I wonder just how “fine” fine is. I’m spending time with clustering (aka multiple trips to the potty with the feeling of not being able to fully empty among other things I won’t torture you with in detail). It’s tedious and very inconvenient, but not the end if the world really.

I keep thinking “it could be worse” and really it could. I could have issues with diarrhea.  I’m not sure which is worse constipation that tends to put me into clustering or just getting out in a long torturous bout of diarrhea and a raw bum.

My accounts of this weekend seem like I have been super active but as always it comes in fits and spurts and has been a lot of hurry up and wait time. I’m good with that too. I am supposed you be recouperating. And I am. No lifting.  No strenuous things. I have slowly emptied out the closets of items that need to go home with me or go in the shed or the laundry room to get them out of the way. The stack is growing of things that are headed home with me. Once they’re at home I’ll sort through and take a load to consignment. My work is never done.

Next up is fence install - that will happen on the 5th of next month. Here’s hoping the A/C stays where it is until the fence is put in!  Pray for me!  Tomorrow I have a drywall guy coming in to look at the hall ceiling to see what he can do for us and the attic fan fiasco. And tomorrow night Butch comes in (late). Liz is staying home. Can’t say as I blame her, she doesn’t want to drive down for a short time and come fuel again in a wee, to see her friend in Tallahassee.  Fair enough.

As for me and the remainder of my time, I have zero plans..I’m pretty well finished with what I needed to get done (and blinds too). Next major thing would be to have the house maybe we could pick colors this weekend?  Who knows.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

We have heat!!

I spent all day from 9am to noon with all doors open in 57 degree weather makes for a popsicle me. Burrr!

The old!

From everything we could tell the unit was from 1997. Twenty years is a good run for a rental unit and a house that was totally trashed be the prior owners.

The inspection note on the side was from 1990. Scary!

Taking the first look at the mess!

The removal had begun.

It took two trucks ;)

The new being staged to be installed.

The old lines coming out!

An empty closet!!

Prepped for the new unit note the fence is removed or part of it.

The old coils - rusty!!

The new

Old...note no insulation inside.

New! Insulated.

Old. Doesn’t look too bad.

New. Looking good.

And the great unveiling. We haven’t seen under this since we bought the house. Just never pulled it down.

We have louvres!!

From the back of the house looking towards the kitchen.

And up into the attic they go. Only to find out we can’t remove the fan. Drat it. There is a cast iron pipe over the end of the unit and right smack dam in the middle is a water line. Why? Because they felt it was necessary. A man plan. Why not figure out the fan isn’t used anymore and just remove it then? Why not plan to remove it and not place water lines over it!??? Sigh!!

And with that bad news the guys went to lunch and I shut all the doors and turned on the oven to cook lunch and the stove top to warm up.

They came back fairly quickly.

Note the lines are coming in through the attic vent hole... assuming they were just “measuring” how long the lines needed to be.

All gone!

And all put back together!!

And the new surprisingly quiet indoor unit. It heats fast!!

And the guys doing the install spoke Russian. That was a fun change for the day. Listening to them talk in Russian to the one worker who didn’t speak English.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Personal shopping.

I needed some spring tops.

Ok so the burgundy sweater in the front isn’t spring but it was soooo soft and it’s been chilly here so I justified it! The black with flowered has cute sheer ruffled sleeves for work... the others are shirts that are self explanatory until you get to the white. Yeah, that is a robe. A NICE robe that was like brand new at Goodwill. Butch grossed out at Goodwill however it went straight to the wash when I got home. It’s a VERY nice robe and really was new as the fabric still had the stiffness that only a new robe would have had with the waffle weave....and since I forgot my robe this time I could justify this purchase as well for $4.xx.

The rest of the shirts are from TJ Maxx and Ross so I’m STILL not a big spender!!

Work around the house

Someone painted over the house number. Wow, just wow!!

You can’t even see it from a distance. Nada!

So I painted the numbers! Gotta love paint pens :)

Looks good. When we pain the whole house we will pull that plaque off and do it proper.

AND because we have garbage can thief’s I painted the number on the trash can.

AND the recycle. What isn’t shown is I ALSO bought a length of chain and a lock to chain these bad boys to the post to hopefully put a stop the thief and make the point that they are NOT welcome to take the cans as they see fit.

What else did I do? I finally put the toilet paper roll holder back on the wall and tightened the towel hook that was coming loose. I didn’t really “tighten” so much as replace the anchors in the wall with new ones. And with that we’re back in business.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Today’s accomplishments

Hope you’re sitting down because this is ALL I accomplished and it took two of us to get this headboard in. It was just awkward.

I think I like it and as I lay here in bed leaning against a WARM headboard instead of a cold wall I definitely like it.

Much nicer than bare wall and the price was the kicker!

Normally $179.xx on sale for $79.xx which I thought was awesome anyway and they gave me a further discount and I walked out the door with it for $67.xx. Yep, you read that right! Can’t beat that deal. It was meant to be!!

I’m excited for both the comfort and the price for sure!!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Shopping and poop talk.

For those that don’t want the poop talk, I will limit it to the BOTTOM (haha see what I did there?) of this post and you can skip it.

Sally and I went out to breakfast with Ina this morning. It was good to see her again. Wednesday night Sally and Ina had their girls dinner at Ruby Tuesday’s and they invited me along. There were 8 total including me. Most were in their 70s and 80s with the exception of one gal and me. I think she’s probably in her 50s as well...maybe younger I’m not a good judge of ages. Anyway it was nice to meet them all and have dinner with them.

It’s always nice to see Ina. She seems to be doing OK after the loss of her husband Robert.

After breakfast Sally and I headed to Elgin to get some fruits for her fellowship meal tomorrow at her church. I dropped her off and went over to the Bx to look for a headboard as I had seen them at out BX a while back. I had my mind set on a black leather one but THIS one caught my eye immediately:

What I didn’t realize is that they were selling me the floor model. BUT it was in great shape. We took it apart and put it in the back with minimal issues.

That being said I was having some “issues” today and had more than my fair share of potty stops. BUT I did make it through the a small part of the BX, a bit of the commissary, Lowe’s and a bit of Sams club as well before I realized as I was getting gas that my issues needed me to be home for a bit. And we headed to the house.

I didn’t accomplish much else, as evidence of the headboard still in the car! Soooo life is still good, just working through today’s issues and hoping things will calm soon.

I did come home, take a shower and put my sweats on and did some laundry and took a nap (short one as the phone woke me, but that’s OK too).

**poop talk**
This is what I posted on my reversals group.

Ok over the last few weeks I have come to the conclusion that if things are going well I have a HUGE sense of guilt and don’t want to say anything to everyone on the group because of the number who are suffering after reversal and, well, it feels like bragging. BUT for this facing their reversal, there is hope, and a few let downs. (Sorry long winded)

Im 4weeks4days post reversal, 1ft rectum/sigmoid colon removed, stump of a rectum left (1/2” maybe) and a side to end connect (tiny pseudo-pouch?)

For the first three weeks it was poop central. I decided because I had the time off work I would let my body do it’s thing. I would see if it work out it’s own issues and behave, if not I had fiber and all that Jazz to fall back on. I don’t take pain pills and am only taking Gabapentin, a stool softener (too chicken to stop those just yet), a multi vitamin and a probiotics (gummies type)

I was shocked that at about three weeks of constantly pooping myself at night and living in fear of pooping myself (with protection) in public that the switches started flipping. I started to NOT poop at night. Lots during the day still but my nights were mostly mine!! Yay

Then things started to slow down during the day and for about 5 days I had been pooping at 9pmish and not much during the rest of the day. As long as my stools were easy to pass I kept going with everything the same on meds.

I got so Cocky I drove 5 hours to Florida to get some work done on our little House here behind my mother-in-laws. I was wondering what the drive would do to my schedule but I’m happy to report things stayed pretty steady the first 4 days.

Today is day 5 and I’ve had a bit of diarrhea and urgency. Happy to report that Always incontinence pads work pretty good and my clothing survived. So. If it’s only every 6 days I get a “clean out” day I can live with that. But there IS hope. Your body can adjust. It’s not like it used to be, but it’s all good!!

I joked to my MIL that I can stay out until I run out of supplies! So what that I had to poop in three stores today. Then as the uncontrollable urges hit again while getting gas I realized that, nope, supplies or not, it’s time to go home and let this play out close to a potty!