Sunday, March 4, 2012

Run For Your Lives

We had to head out at 7:30am to make the 2 hour drive to Union Point.
We headed out amidst HUGE storms and a few accidents.  Liz was checking the site to make sure we were still "on" with the downpours that were being experienced... we were... mud fest, here we come!!
 These two crack me up!
You can't see the front of Gloria's shirt, it says "Eat Liz" the backs have zombies and muffins (as in the they were the blubber muffins - ha!)  And they are so clean here!!  You'll understand!
 I got the girls all signed up for their race part, and I headed off to the Zombie Barn for my "make over"

 Even a smiling Zombie!
 After my transformation - before mud and blood...
 waiting in line for mud and blood - what a motley crew, eh?
 you can see the gal splashing blood on someone nearest to the barn!
 Love the head wounds!
Head wound dude - remember him - we saw them again at the end of the day - story to follow!

Now splattered with mud and blood we headed out to the site a horribly long hike - about a 1/2 mile I think I heard - through sloggy slippery mud - yuck!!

We got to witness folks going through the "blood pit" ... more a like a mud pit due to the constant mud.  I don't know how the runners did it really - the mud was up to 6" thick where I was and it was worse in other spots!  (oh, and a zombie was IN the water when we got there...hiding out and grabbing flags from unsuspecting water folks!)
 Quite a long water feature, however I heard later from Liz there was a pond they had to go through as well, she was thinking it would be shallow all the way across and ended up over her head in the middle - ha!
 My station - looking back at "teen" zombie, "Grandma" zombie (she rocked!), and other zombie dude.. they were just past my station heading to the water hazard.
 Liz and Gloria in all their glory - the guy walking past got a "free pass with no zombie chasing so I could get a picture of the girls with me... see what I meant about them being SO clean in that first picture?  ha!  They said they were worse in the end too - I'm sure they were!  Gloria is the only one "alive" at this point too :(  Poor Lizzie!
 Proud zombie mom with the girls! 
 Teen zombie in character!
 Had to get ONE shot of runners actually running my way - I actually told them "free passage" just run for me for a second for a good shot :)  I'm a horrible Zombie!
 Happy Zombie with my 10 flags - they didn't come easy!! 
 Grandma Zombie - I think she was glad it was over too!
 Flight Suit Zombie - he actually got into the water (mud) hazard and grabbed at folks :o) 
he was a MESS!
 And finally me with T-Dog from "The Walking Dead" show
I didn't recognize him with hair :)
So there you have it - our experience with "Run For Your Lives"
It was a LONG day - by the time I got done with my shift the girls had already given up and were in the car.  I decided my clothes were NOT salvageable - planned on regardless.  I stripped in one of the changing areas and put on clean(er) clothes - nothing stayed clean in that mud fest!  I put on my Crocks to make it to the car - what a mistake - they were SLICK in the mud and I almost bit it a few times on the way to the car... once I made it back onto the road - I was fine... then stumbled up to the car in full makeup still.  I scared Gloria - she wasn't expecting that!
We headed out and I stopped at one point for gas.  Liz said I looked too horrible to go get anything to eat, so I took some baby wipes and cleaned up as good as I could with mud and blood in my hair :)
We made it to Zaxsby's only to find head wound guy outside smoking a cigarette in full face paint still - ha!  We got a good laugh out of that as I told him my girls wouldn't let me look that horrible.  He did say the folks in the store looked at him funny.  Ya think?  ha!


Now this was out of the 179 in their 12pm wave. 
Overall - not a clue.
has all the results!

New Camera on trial...

 Standing on the back porch shooting to the back of the yard.... can you see what I see?
No?  Let me ZOOM up on it!
Wow, this one has a rocking zoom and it's a Cannon - WITH a rechargable battery this time and it's a point and shoot with auto flash (albeit pop up), so I think I'll be happy with this one.  I hope so anyway!