Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Day six

It's always fun to have a skeleton key for your door key, isn't it??

Goodbye Ferry Inn - it has been fun!!

That's our ferry on the FAR side.  it's on demand, meaning they have to see you standing there.  We really didn't have to wait long for him to fire up the engines and come get us and two others.

a big pumping boat (or so it looked to me) passed by as we were boarding, we had to wait for him to pass before we could cross.  

Hum, maybe we SHOULD get Butch a Kilt??

Frog figuring out how to get into town to the train station... bus located... and off we go!!!
 We caught a bus into the train station, then got straight onto a train headed to Maybole.

From the Maybole station (which by the way Maybole is VERY tiny) I asked the nice train stop shop keeper to call us a cab.  She did.  it was a short ride from Maybole to the Castle - what an arrival!!

We were able to pull right up to the front of the circular drive and get out with our suitcases amidst all the people there for the museum.  HOW FUN that was... then into the museum, and take a shortcut through the armory to the elevator then up to the third floor to our room.

our room is the top floor just to the right of the turret in the center.!

the view from our room

Our room - we did have them remake it into twin beds for us.  It was SO nice ... they were so squishy!!

Our private bath - the only odd thing was that it was really in the hall - there was only one other bedroom next to ours on that hall, but still, a bit awkward to have to go through the hall in a room that costs upwards of $500 a night... but you know what??  We didn't care and we never saw another soul when we were in the hall anyway!

The drawing room

the view from the drawing room.  The garden you can see must have been the servants garden in the past as it was at the same level as the walkway for them.

We were originally told these were the servants stairs, but I noted there were NO other stairs in this place for the family to reach the 3rd floor.  The main floors have grand stair cases - see the website for the castle museum here:
or here:

After checking in we went to check out the park that surrounds this awesome castle!

 Yes, there are CAVES here... at certain times of the year they have special tours of them.  We just missed being able to take one!  Drat it!!
 The gas pumping station for gas lights.

random shot of our room items.  
Tea and Scones at 3pm in the drawing room?  Why,  yes, thank you!

We literally have the keys to the Castle - we can get into the castle after hours... YES!!
 then we're off for a walk along the cliffs... to the swan pond.

this is the "near" end of the swan pond - at this point we turned around and headed back - not knowing there was an ice-cream house at the FAR end of the pond.  Drat it!  Oh, well.  We needed a potty break anyway!

We had arranged for our dinner to be at 7pm.  
LOOK at all that silver wear!!!!  

Chicken Stuffed with Haggis.  VERY good.

Angela's Ayrshire beef.

Good night world!!