Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Day four

TOO early - on our way to the Cliffs of Moher tour

Just a pretty property to look at while waiting for the tour to start!

Our first "convenice break" was in a tiny little town of Kinvarra.
While walking down to the bay, this is the sign we saw - it cracked me up!
zoomed in on it!

the castle you can see in the background is: Dunquaire Castle.  We didn't have enough time to go see it up close and personal, but it was pretty as we passed it and as we could see in the distance

you can see a square tower in the distance just to the right of center... we are driving all the way over there... and around!

THERE is that tower we have been seeing - really close now!

in the far distance you can see a round tower in the water - just at the tip of a slip of land.

there, now you can see it!

thatched roofs

the pretty bay of Galway

cliffs and tiny roads that we're driving along.  The water was super clear and from all I have heard super cold too!

wild pony's that live on the island

the top of the "baby" cliffs.  

it's a LONG drop down, but more like 100 foot, not the 700 that is the true Cliffs of Moher.

distant square tower in ruins.

and a better picture up close!
And So begins our adventures to the Bottom of the Cliffs of Moher - what?  yep, you read that right, it's on the sea - we're headed out in a boat to see them from the bottom, then going to the top after!

the name for "gusher" is appropriate as it's a pump... and would have gushed had they had to turn it on!

On the boat - we were towards the end of the line, so when we got on the boat all the good spots were taken.  I asked a crew member nicely if we could stand on the bow among the ropes as they weren't going to tie up anywhere out there... he said yes.  Pays to ask!

see that way in the distance?   A round tower!

where we have been AND where we are going.  Such a bight sunny day!

tower to the left of center...

closer look - this one has a bit of a pointed roof to it - cute!

circle tower on the top of the cliffs... very cool - you could even see people (ants) on top of the cliffs walking from the tower to the other side.

tower at the very top - this reminded me a LOT of the trip to Alaska as there were birds nesting everywhere including puffins.

thanks for the ride sir!

that same pointed top tower from the back side!

the round tower you saw at the top of the cliffs, yes, that is where we are going!

BRIGHT sunny day!

 The round tower you have been seeing on top of the cliffs!

 OK, we took ONE look at these stairs and gulped, they were STEEP and there were two floors of them!!

then we started laughing at how tight the trip up really was - wondering how on EARTH we were to get down again!

the VIEW was SO worth it however!!

These were watch towers to the sea, so they were manned and heated by fireplaces.
 NOW the true adventure begins... how to get down from here!!

MORE giggling about this and how tight the trip down really was.  I had a super hard time with my purse bonking into everything on the way down,but truly - backwards was the ONLY way to go!

Success!!  Shes' on her way down!!

proof that I made it down in one piece! 

Cliffs in the foreground and the town of Liscannor along the bay.

Loved the cross hatching of stone walls to divide the property.  Very pretty!

random beach on a river - very nice looking area to visit and relax in for sure!

Random beach along the river as it made it's way into the bay.

Bunratty Castle - the one that "got away" we were too late to see inside.  Drat it!

Where the fight scene in Braveheart was filmed.

Flirting with the tour guide - of course!
What a fun filled day of adventure!!

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