Saturday, June 11, 2016

Day three

Frog sharing my full English breakfast.

Angela got her first taste of big city as we were leaving the hotel today - as we were reaching the main road in Dublin some guy with bandages on his arm and clearly disturbed stopped dead in his tracks and yelled LOUDLY "Stop Reading me mind" to no one beside him, then just kept on walking past us.  I just chuckled and kept moving... Angela wasn't too thrilled with the weirdo hollering in the streets.  Welcome to the big city.  Folks were sleeping on the side walks all over as well.  Fun, stuff!

We walked on by and got our tickets to the "Hop On/Hop Off" bus for the day!  (Callous folks that we are - ha!)
Bright sunny day to see the sights!
 St Peters Cathedral

 Random building with window boxes and weeds growing from the top!
Streets of Dublin
 We went BY it today but no tickets as all museums are closed on Mondays. Sigh. AND we had to buy tickets on one as it was a super popular tour. By the way. Gaol is pronounced Jay-ol. So it's Kill-my-nham jail. Fun fact and tidbit.
 Theses tiny flowers were EVERYWHERE!! No clover, but lots of flowers.
 This is one of the dirty parks. Lots of garbage!!

 The Spire on the main street of Dublin.

 The clipper you can see in the distance is a US ship in dock for a little while here in Dublin - the flag is almost bigger than the whole ship!
 The ship is the USCGC Eagle and is visiting Dublin for the first time in 20 years.  They sailed for three weeks from Connecticut to get to Dublin and were staying for a week.  They even gave tours of the ship.  "There are 148 Coast Guard cadets on board and about 70 more crew with most having at least two days off in while on shore. They could probably do with it, shifts on board the vessel usually start at 4am and last for 12 hours."  i don't know that we ever saw the sailors, however, maybe they were some of the idiots at 2:30 am that we were hearing drunk leaving the bars?  Nawh, most we heard sounded to be more locals.
Rugby stadium. For Robert.

 borrowed picture with a professional perspective.....
 and one more because they are soooo pretty!
 The reality of what they looked like to us... the light was filtered through blinds, but it was mid day and the lighting was quite harsh as it was very sunny this day!
Love tiny doors in huge doors!  This is the entry to Trinity College - can you imagine having to fight tourists to get to and from school?  Nope, me either!

On to the Guinness Storehouse!

Not too shabby - surprisingly so.

 appropriate that Frog would show on a Hop on/off buss!
Unsure why I liked this cute little place other than its right inside the gate to the Zoo and walled garden/park of Dublin

Then to an early dinner....

The "new room"

The new view

Rive Liffey is right there!!  (just past the red car that is parked)

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