Saturday, June 11, 2016

Day two

Dropping into sunrise!

Lush and green!!
And we're off the plane, finding out hotel and striking out to see the town.
The hotel, which is right in the middle of Temple Bar. Lesson learned on Temple Bar. Visit. Don't stay there...but I digress, I am just getting started for the day!

The bus from the airport was quite easy and quick to find. We made it to our hotel with no issue.

Then off to explore (and fight sleep!!)
A door at the Christ Church Cathedral
Pretty church but the bells. They became a bit of a joke. We stopped to see if our room was ready a few times throughout the day only to have it not ready until after 3pm so we went by this church too many times and spent some time in a park downhill from the church.
That cross in the distance is what made us find St Aubouns Church (more on that later)

The park appears to be a dog park mostly. The human park had garbage all over it. Yuck!!
Outside the market walkway from Ha'penny bridge.

We were showing our travel about now - ha!!

We found a VERY nice park with the help of our hotel reception. St Stephens Green (
This man had a suitcase full of bird seed. The pigeons and seagulls loved him.
Nice park.
But we had to get up and get moving again!!

Then we ran across St Audoens Church. It is in the shadow of Christ Church Cathedral. When we saw it we were looking for a bathroom really. So glad we needed a pit stop and took a chance on this church. It was awesome!

And with that tour we headed to the hotel to call it an early night!! Yay!!
Don't be jealous. We have undies on the roof!!

Yep our view. Should we wonder what is ON those Tommy undies??
My view when I was laying down. Hum... Who's in these places?? Never saw anyone.
Please note that the end of the bed is INCHES from the wall. There was ZERO chance to get to other side of the bed without crawling over the outside person. Sigh.

I asked earlier about a different room that would be quieter as there was a nightclub right below us that wasn't even open on night one but there was one open elsewhere on the block. It had a horrible disco thump throughout the night. I also asked for one I could at least get out of bed without crawling over the other person. Just a minor wish, really.

Night one was fairly quiet but I discovered how BOUNCY Angela is at night. Wow!

Before we went to bed for the night we dropped into a local pizza joint for a quick bite. Froggy joined us.

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