Friday, February 22, 2013

What do I see in MY future?

If the civilian workforce is furloughed:

* Furlough duration: First, enacting civilian unpaid furloughs is
a measure of last resort. If it does occur, the most likely option is
one day per week for the last 22 weeks of the fiscal year (late April
through September) for a total of 22 work days (176 hours). One day per
week (eight hours) equals a 20 percent reduction in pay for each
individual DOD civilian worker during the furlough period.

* Notification: If furloughs occur, the workforce will be notified
by management at least 30 days prior to the initial furlough. OPM will
decide which days personnel will be furloughed.

* Exemptions: If sequestration occurs, most civilians will be
furloughed with few exceptions: (1) those deployed in a combat zone, (2)
those who protect the safety of life or property to the extent needed,
(3) non-appropriated fund employees (NAF), (4) those exempt by law who
hold a presidential appointment with Senate confirmation, (5) foreign
nationals and (6) those exempted as approved by a 2-star flag officer or

* Leave: Furlough time off is treated like regular leave without
pay for leave accrual and benefit purposes. When employees are in a
non-pay status (like a furlough) their retirement deductions are
adjusted in proportion to their basic pay.

* Thrift Savings Plan: Regarding the Thrift Savings Plan,
employees who have selected their TSP contribution to be a percentage of
their pay will see smaller contributions during the furlough period due
to their reduced pay. Employees who have selected a fixed amount for
their TSP contribution will see the same amount deducted during the
furlough period.

* Financial hardships: We understand furloughs may result in
unexpected financial difficulty for civilian personnel and their
families, but financial difficulties are not grounds for a supervisor to
waive an employee's furlough. Employees should start planning
immediately for reduced paychecks beginning in April.

* Healthcare: The Government's portion of the healthcare premiums
will be paid in full and on time, and benefits will continue for
furloughed employees. See the OPM website at for more

* Outside employment: While on furlough, individuals remain
employed by the Federal Government; therefore, standards of ethical
conduct and rules regarding outside employment are applicable. Before
engaging in outside employment, employees should consult their agency
ethics official.

There is still an opportunity for Congress to pass a balanced
deficit-reduction plan that the President can sign and sequestration is
truly averted (not just delayed). Not only is the current situation
devastating to our personnel, we know that furloughs will substantially
harm our ability to reset and restore the force's full-spectrum combat
capability after over a decade of hard fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Through it all, we must ensure our long term viability in defense of
this nation, which means we have to retain focus on speed, safety and
quality. We want to ensure we don't lose the gains you've made as a
Center. If we lose our competitive edge, it could lead to longer term
impacts than what are initially posed by sequestration. It is vital we
sustain our priority on the mission as we continue to seek new
workloads and support the warfighter.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy Presidents day weekend

For Mom's birthday we just now had her dinner. Mostly because when it
was her birthday, she just wasn't in the mood to go to dinner.... so we
waited for her to say the word. The word came for Sunday night :)
So, dinner it was. We went to the new Chinese place in their town that
has a Mongolian grill in it. Yum. We had a nice dinner then went to
their house to place push the dummy. Butch was the biggest winner -
lucky him! We also had cake and ice-cream at their house as well. YUM!

It was nice to get together to play games and visit for a bit.
Monday was a holiday for me, poor Butch had to work, so Mom and I went
to a few junk stores in town and looked for a display case for her. We
went to two Goodwill stores, the big junk store just outside of town and
to Target (not a junk store, but a fun store!)... so I had two fun
days!! THEN I went home to finish up on what I had started that morning
with cleaning. I finished my closet - cleaned all the "junk" off the
floor... got all the bins out and moved all the clothing around to be in
a better spot. Then went through my bathing suit drawer, what a mess...
I did toss a few suits that had seen better days and their elastic was
shot. Even with chucking, I ended up with two brown based suites, and
four black based ones with lots of bottoms for each. Meaning the colors
on the top half have browns in them and the bottoms are all brown, or
the tops have black in them and the bottoms are all black. So, I have a
BUNCH of suits for the New Year. Oh, and still have two one piece
suites for hot tubing in the winter! :) I like a one piece as they
don't ride up in the bubbles. TMI I'm sure!
I also got all the horses out of the TWO big boxes they were in and
consolidated them down to ONE big box. Now what to do with that big box
is the mystery.
And the last but not least of what I did yesterday because you KNOW
rather than doing this over a three day weekend I crammed it all into
ONE day... was to blow off the porch and deck. It's all clean now and
ready for spring to start.... bring on warm weather.. I noticed a lot
of my loungers are sun rotted (been about 5 years... so it isn't
shocking!) and need to be put out by the curb for the trash on Friday...
that's ONE more thing I need to get working on this week.... that and
finishing my chair projects and table project for out there... and the
list goes ON and ON and ON... :)
It is all self-inflicted too :p
I had thought about taking the time off with the kids, but Angela leaves
tonight to head out to Washington with her class...yes, even with all
the school drama we're letting her go. Part of me still wonders if this
is the correct choice... but we're going to see the talk I had with her
teachers as a positive note and that she is making progress in the right
direction as a positive note as well.. I have a sinking feeling this one
is going to bite us in the butt and it will be interpreted to her as "do
as you damn well please, nothing bad will happen as a result". It's not
like we didn't take everything away and ground her for weeks... nothing
seems to have much effect on her attitude or her reactions... she will
fly right and do well for a while, then just decide she doesn't have to
do homework. IN THE MIDDLE OF BEING GROUNDED. Talk about not to
bright... really - what ELSE are you going to do??? You have no
electronics and you're sent to your room to do homework... what the
crap. Sigh...
This too shall pass from what I'm told ... probably like a kidney stone,
but this too shall pass.