Sunday, September 4, 2016

Rainy rainy day

Today was shopping between rain storms rolling through. We managed to go to Kmart to return some stuff from Saturday that didn't work out well for me. Then off to Home Depot to order blinds for the master bedroom. Yay!! Blinds are pricey for nice ones so we're working our way through the rooms.

Next will be the coral room and probably one single one for the living room for the side window in the carport.

Speaking of the coral room I went to Big Lots and found a headboard that room.

It's nice but it won't screw into the frame. Drat it!! We will work out how to get it to connect to either the wall or the frame. More to come in that.

So two trips out to shop between storms and a nap and a trip out to Stewby's for a shrimp dinner and we're all fat and happy here. :)