Friday, October 10, 2014

What day is this??? (day four)

The medicine cabinet is DONE and reassembled. Looking good!!!

This is the cabinet that had been brown and now has a coat of primer on the outside. It's going to need another coat of the trim color to really cover this dark wood!! Talk about time consuming. The walls have one coat of paint and the ceiling had two coats on it and I think they're done!

This looks MUCH darker in the picture than it does in real life however it's really brightens the room from the yellow/off white it was before.

Here's a better look at the color. This shows there is a difference between the ceiling and the wall. The blue tiles aren't visible as I'm not sure how if the room will require another coat of wall paint.

Here's the front bath with paint and ceiling in a more finished state.

And the second medicine cabinet in it's finished state. The cabinet was pained white on the exterior prior however the interior was natural wood. It now has been primed and has a single coat of trim paint on it. Needs ONE more coat.

And... Drum roll please!! The master bedroom is painted. First coat on walls and ceiling. I didn't get a chance to take up the quarter round out of this room or I would have primed the baseboards too.

Whole room. I have also primed the closet doors and that trim work. I'm going to paint it all in trim color.

I DID get a chance to prime the hall base boards and door frames. Going white on the doors (and the walls!) is really going to brighten this hallway!

Dinner tonight was at Stewby's. Yum!! Angela opted for no beach time tonight. I think I wore her out!

I'm sad because today *I* discovered I lost my glasses last night when Angela lost her iPod. Crap. I should have gone out and looked for them, however if I didn't see them when I was looking for her iPod I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have seen then tonight either. Sigh. The good news is I haven't ordered frames in a few years so they should be covered and I'm sure it's almost time for new lenses. Sigh.

On other fronts one final estimate was sought today...this company can't start until January/February. Sigh.

I also returned the tile I bought on Tuesday. Yep, you read that right. I returned it. Why? Lots of frustration on picking a contractor. Time constraints on when the tile would need to be picked up. Uncertainty on all of it. UGH!! I certainly didn't want to move 17+ boxes of tile into storage in the laundry room of the house. That thought wasn't a happy one. So I will wait and hope that the tile I picked is still there.

(Reminder of what it looked like)

Final count after four days of work on the house:

A trip to Pensacola to find tile (strike out - sorta), three trips to Surplus warehouse, two trips to Home Depot.

Four five gallon buckets of paint purchased.

Bath and a half -
walls painted one coat
ceilings painted two coats
Cabinets primed
Cabinets trim one coat

Master bedroom -
Ceiling one coat
Walls one coat
Trim primed
(Not baseboards)

Hall -
Quarter round pulled
Door frames primed
Baseboards primed

Three door primed
Need new hardware
(New doors too but $$$)

FIVE contractors met and quotes coming in. Home Depot cabinet planning, Surplus Warehouse cabinet planning, Kitchen Innovations cabinet planning. (Lots of planning with NOTHING to show for it)

Tile purchased and returned (long story! See above)

Lots of wonderful food and quite a few laughs and a few layers of skin removed along with paint.

Three evening on the beach at sunset or right after. I just figured out every time we went out to eat we skipped the beach and opted to either go home in a food coma or go to Walmart (odd choice, I know, but we needed some supplies!)

One blood moon seen.

One tired stiff sore momma...

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Day three

I'm not sure how to describe the ick that is on top of the tile. I think it's very old petrified caulking or grout gone wrong? Hard to know

AFTER removal of the ick so I can tape and paint.

This is the mess that is the living room. I really need a table to work from.

And after all day prepping and sanding and patching I finally painted the ceilings in the bathrooms. You can see the stark difference in the unpainted (left) and painted in the right.

Fully painted and edged!! Progress!!

And the front bathroom too! Whoop!! Tomorrow it's walls and cabinets!

And after a lovely dinner with Sally we headed to the beach.

It was a peaceful evening at the beach until we got home to discover that the iPod that Angela had put in my chair. Yikes!! Mad dash back to the beach with flashlights. We were lucky and found it right where we had packed up to go home. Whew!! Lucky lucky lucky!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Another day of work

And three interviews with contractors. First one was nice and personable. He admitted there were things he would have to hire out. He will charge 20% over cost. Ok tell me an estimate and we will go from there.

Second was nice "down home" however would build my cabinets on site and was very nice.

The third was quiet and hard if hearing. He was not my favorite.
So that was 10am, 1pm and 5 pm and in between I did the following:
The horrible shape of the medicine cabinets. And the funny thing is they used clear tape to "cover" the rust so it didn't transfer to their stuff. Why not paint them??

So that's what I did:

Between priming and painting the medicine cabinets I cleaned out the bathroom cabinet and pulled off all the contact paper. I swear the pink floral is likely original.

I also sanded and primed the whole thing along with the door to the bath.

While working on that I was soaking the air registers. A reminder, this is how they started:

Then they were removed and soaked in vinegar:

This is how they ended up. I have to sand them a bit more and paint these in gloss paint. I debated about replacing until I looked up the cost. They are $25 - $30 each. Yeah, there are 8 of them. I don't think I want to spend that much if I do f have to.

And on better news we have tested and there is no lead paint in the house. One small blessing. :)

And after that day, I was done. I cleaned up and headed to the house to shower and go to dinner.

We got a two person Crab Boil with shrimp. It was more than enough and delish.

Odds and ends legs after the shrimp fest!

And this is all that was left In the end. Urp!

We didn't make it to the beach tonight. Angela opted for a trip to WalMart to pick up odds and ends instead.

Then I get home and see THIS in the mirror. Yep, I have paint in my hair. Sigh. Oh well, I've been working hard!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fall break and work on the tiny house

The drive down we saw smoke in the distance. I so wanted to drive over and see what it was :). I didn't.

On our drive we followed Peanut trucks, apple trucks and tomato farms. I really should take pictures of the tomato farms. Very impressive.

First day here.. Drove down Monday. Went to the beach Monday night and tonight.

Today was a drive to Pensacola to go to Builders Mart Outlet. Ok tile however sold in pallets $570 for 500sq foot)

We would need to get three pallets just to be sure (and as you can see it was sand color - not first choice).

Local to FWB was $1.78 sq foot driftwood style wood plank look tile. I bought it. Now I have to find a tile guy :)

Also bought paint for ceiling (5 gallon) and for the trim (5 gallons) and 5 gallons of Killz. We were debating the wall color so got three samples. Now I know what we want after painting swaths three places in the living room, two in the hallway, one in the bedroom and in each bathroom. Also having a tile to compare the paints with in the store too was great. Glad I did all this as the paints look different in both baths and the one I would have chosen was toooo grey.

After all that I looked at cabinets and priced those....this is gonna cost us..sigh. Oh well, only money, right? I think I'm going to go with the surpluses place I got the tile from.

Found a boob (butt) pumpkin too ;) should have bought it ;)

Also managed to take down all the fixtures from the ceiling tonight too AND take a trip to the beach :) bonus!!

We weren't as early today, however we did get there in time for a BIG moon and a bit of pink sky ;)

Tomorrow is contractors (three to interview) and painting ceiling and a lunch date with a friend from out time stationed in Italy.